B2B telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, cold callingInformation is without a doubt power, and in the world of business possessing it gives you a sort of edge above your competitors. Data you have may be something they lack, putting you in an advantageous position, however they may have something that you do not have as well, leveling the playing field. So what does such information have to do with B2B telemarketing? The answer is this: lead generation.

When we start talking about lead generation telemarketing, then you will soon come to the realization that information is indeed something powerful. The one thing you want to avoid as much as possible when you use B2B telemarketing for such is vague information. When you are tasking your telemarketing team to mine data for you so that you can create a good B2B leads database for your company then you really are going to have to make sure of this.

If your B2B telemarketing campaign is getting you information, just not the right type of it, then here are some tips to helping you avoid such complications:

Create a proper call script.

As much as our telemarketing teams may be composed of good salesmen, we cannot just leave them to give a spiel on their own when they make calls to our prospects. As such, it is important that we create a call script to give them a bit of guidance on what they should be saying to their contacts. What they say during the course of a call can affect what type of information they can gather, so it is best to formulate a call script that helps to make you sound like a legitimate company without any hidden agendas. Sure, you are a legit company, but the people you are calling may not think that since a lot of us fear these types of scams. If you are looking to secure better and more accurate information when you call, then consider using a call script.

Aim to get in contact with C-level executives.

When you call you need to do it with an objective: and one of those should be to get in contact with one of the company heads or C-level executives. If you want quality information, then these high ranking company officials are the ones you will most likely get it from. When you first make a call, you may encounter people we know as “gatekeepers”, and it is part of their job to make sure that your telemarketers do not get in contact with their company’s c-level staff. Although you can extract information from these individuals, you may just end up getting information that is generic and not specific enough for your campaign. Most c-level executives will not hold back contact information due to the chance that they may be interested in what you are offering.

Think ahead and schedule for a follow-up call or email.

You cannot always hope to get what you want when you do cold calling. However, you should think ahead and secure a way to get in contact with your prospects again in the future. One of the reasons why they may not be able to discuss further with you and give you the information you need may be because they are quite busy with other tasks. If so, then tell them that you will follow-up with them at a later time, or send them a quick message through email regarding your call. This will also help as it can give you time to prepare on what questions you can ask for the next time you talk to them.

We cannot really avoid getting vague information from your prospects when we do B2B telemarketing for lead generation, however we can minimize the rate at which we acquire it. Through proper planning, you can really make a difference with the results your campaign gets.