telemarketing, cold calling, sales lead generationCompanies that outsource their telemarketing campaigns, of course, want to gauge the performance of their marketing venture. However, some of us do not really understand how to see if our calling campaign is giving us the returns that we want. Mostly though, business owners will rate and base performance simply on ROI, the thing is that sometimes a positive ROI does not always mean that your telemarketing campaign is doing good.

A positive ROI, of course, denotes that you are getting good results. But the amount of money you make should not be the only metric with which you judge how good your telemarketing campaign is. So the question now is… what other things can I judge telemarketing performance with?

High-quality telemarketing services aren’t always hard to come by, however, we should not let that keep us from keeping tabs on how well our calling campaign goes. A positive ROI may not be the only thing that tells you how well everything is going so it is best that you judge telemarketing performance through other metrics as well.

Here are a few unconventional metrics you can use in rating the performance of your telemarketing campaign.

Base performance on call volume.

How many calls do your telemarketers make per day? What is the total number of calls they make in a month? If your telemarketing firm does not provide you with an exact call volume number, then you may not be getting what you paid for, more so tip-top performance.

Call volume is the total amount of calls that a single telemarketer makes in their shift. For example, some outbound telemarketing companies impose a call volume of 200 and up, meaning that their callers will have to make 200 qualified calls in a single work shift. The higher the call volume, the better the performance.

Base performance on lead acquisition rate.

How fast do you acquire leads through cold calling? How many leads do you get in an entire month through your calling campaign? This is a metric that you do not want to ignore, especially if you do telemarketing mainly for lead generation. In the first place, why did you decide to use telemarketing if not for generating more sales leads. This is usually the case as many B2B companies make heavy use of telemarketing as part of their lead generation strategies.

Are you getting a good number of leads every month? Are you getting them fast enough as well? If you are, then your calling campaign may just be doing good in the performance department.

Base performance on telemarketing agents’ performance.

Another metric to judge how well your campaign is performing is basing your judgment on the performance of your telemarketers themselves. Of course, you may want to know how they act in the face of your prospects.

Find out which of your leads were generated via your cold calling campaign. Get in contact with them and ask how the agent that called them performed and conducted himself/herself. You want to make sure that your callers are being as professional as they can in their calls so this is a great metric to use in judging the performance of your sales lead generation calling campaign.

If you simply use ROI to gauge the performance of your telemarketing campaign then you may not be able to get a clear picture. Hopefully, these rather “unconventional” metrics give you an idea on what you should be looking out for.