telemarketing, telemarketing company, cold-calling, telemarketersWhen you’re prospecting through means of cold-calling, then you need to be aware of how your telemarketers present themselves when finally making contact with prospects. During the whole process of the call, the prospect may begin to identify you as a businessperson of substantial intelligence, someone who is making a call to them in order to do business. However, nothing identifies you as nothing more than a mere telemarketer than with your opening line. Usually, at the first sign of the other person on the line being a telemarketer, gatekeepers are quick to do their job and find ways to block you from reaching the prospect as such is their job. That is why when you employ a third party telemarketing company; you want to make sure that their staff are calling your prospects in the right way, the same can be said for in-house telemarketers and telemarketing departments. That being said, the call flow will matter even more as it will influence how your campaign goes.

Here are two tips to help improve your calling campaign:

Opening Line =/= Nothing

Your opening line does not equal to nothing. In contrast, your opening line may mean everything! Why? Well, because you want to sound professional when dealing with your prospects. The telemarketing teams that work for you need to give your prospects the impression that they know what they are doing. Because in the world of sales, prospects are quick to evade phone salesmen, especially since they believe that all of them are trying to sell them something through the phone. The truth is, however, you are not selling to them immediately, you are merely prospecting through the phone for potential business partners and clients. That being said, the opening line your call scripts contain and your telemarketers use can greatly influence the flow of each call that is made.

Please is a Powerful Word

The first obstacle that telemarketers face are the gatekeepers of the prospects they are trying to reach. These gatekeepers will do their best to filter out callers and to make sure that only legit and important ones go through to the other line. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to ask “please” here and there and to be polite enough to treat these gatekeepers with respect. After all, respect goes a long way and can also affect how the gatekeeper perceives the caller. Placing a “please” in your call script in the proper places can boost the chances of your telemarketers making it through to the prospect, and of course, build you instant and good rapport with your prospect, or the gatekeeper, making it easier to make follow-up calls or to plan ahead.

Remember these two tips when reviewing how your calling campaigns work. Although telemarketing companies are experts within their field, a little help goes a long way especially in keeping your campaign afloat and getting you results you can be pleased with. Also, remember that your call script and the flow of the call matter much greatly to your campaign’s success.