If you loved watching Road Runner, you will know what ACME is. And if you have used inbound telemarketing, that company is actually the last thing you would want to be. Sure, the company’s products seem outlandish and funny but you will not be laughing if your telemarketing services treat your customers like Wile E. Coyote.

Inbound Telemarketing Is More For Just Taking Orders

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You already know how this ends.

Suppose you are a commercial cleaning company and you use inbound telemarketing to receive potential clients. In addition to that, you also incorporated other lead generation tactics in order to improve the rate of cleaning services leads coming in that way. That should be enough to tell you that telemarketing is for more than just taking orders. On the other hand, ACME would use the same telemarketing call center for:

  • Qualifying calls from gullible prospects – Unlike ACME, you should not be quick to just hear a request and then just deliver everything on their doorstep. If your prospect is gullible enough to land you too quick a sale over the phone, their telemarketing call is not success. It is a dishonest way of qualifying a prospect who needs more education on what exactly it is they are calling you for.

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  • Feeding a prospect’s habits instead of helping – You have to hand it to Mr. Coyote for not quitting (and for being a loyal ACME customer) but you would think ACME should be more considerate of both him and itself. If you have been telemarketing a similar client for a long time, understand that there is always something both of you could do to help each other in terms of better cleaning services.
  • Exploiting prospect’s failures – Finally, perhaps ACME’s greatest crime is exploiting Mr. Coyote himself. The guy is an idiot and God knows if he will ever catch Road Runner. If your telemarketing lead generation process has done nothing but the same, cease right now. It is not good for your business integrity to have someone waste their money because they keep making a mess for your cleaning services.

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Of course, there is obviously no ignoring the absolutely volatile quality of ACME’s actual products. In fact, you should not even consider telemarketing or any other type of marketing activity if your commercial cleaning firm gets the reputation for that kind of quality. Once you do fix things up though, make sure you do not make another Coyote out of your cleaning sales leads!