One and the most difficult task a marketer may face, is the dreaded Appointment Setting. Every marketer assigned to do this task often panics and feel lightheaded, who wouldn’t be? When it’s the second to last of sealing a sales deal.  

How can we set an appointment when we often receive responses such as “I’m not interested” or “Would you call again next week?” for some reasons, it seems that we are being avoided. Well, it’s not a surprise if we receive such response. Why? Because we are calling them  at a bad time

Given that every time we call them, they are at their busiest hour. How should  we know the right time to call our prospects? Well, let me  give you some advice that might come in handy when you least expected it;

  1.    Notify  them in advance – Most marketers tend to forget their scheduled appointment without prior notice. They’ll surely turn you down,  not because they’re not interested, but  because you just pop out of nowhere and started to get your sales talk “on”. Which is apparently unconvincing and annoying to some prospects. Before you call, you should tell them in advance through email or add them on LinkedIn. So that you will know that the prospect isn’t interested in your proposal. The earlier, the better right


  1.    Study their company first – It’s not something that you should forget. You need to do this before notifying  them that you’ll call them or would like to have a chat. Because chances are, you’ll be turned down immediately. Once in a while, it’s essential to study a company not only based on their website but also in the company reviews.


  1.    Call them after business hours or visit them – You might watch “the pursuit of happiness” by Will Smith with his son Jaden. A jobless man who became a successful broker in the end, and you know how he became a successful broker? It’s because he took the initiative to do whatever it takes to make a deal. He wasn’t asked to do it, but he did and he did it really good. Where’s the part in calling after business hour?

There are a lot of things you can do to make your appointment setting a success, it’s not only over the phone that you can convince a business owner. You might also want to do the face-to-face business approach