We all know that once we made a mistake it’s over. We either lose a sale or given a second chance and to tell you, most of this will be in “lose a sale”. And this is bad in the company reputation, especially in lead generation.

Once we are given a second chance, we mustn’t take it for granted and that means that we must do whatever it takes to make that deal of ours. To do so, you need ways in resolving this one-time mistake you’ve committed and here’s how you can resolve it;


  • Accept
  • Seek
  • Plan
  • Meet
  • Give

Accepting – the fact that you made a mistake and not the whole team means that you are ready to resolve it. You are given a second chance to redeem yourself and the company name, so give it all you got and Seek help. The expression “No man is an island” comes handy in phase 1, which is accepting that you need everyone in your team again.

Seeking – help of others will help you find the right plan or solution in resolving the mistake you’ve cause. And surely only few will follow you, but at least you have someone rather than being alone.  Once you’ve seek help, you can now begin to seek what went wrong in your proposal.

Planning – with your team of two or four, the best way to resolve this problem is that you need each other idea’s not only yours, you have a team that is willing to help you, don’t just ignore their ideas use them if you can, especially when you think that it’s time for you to acknowledge each and everyone’s strength and weakness.

Meet – with your boss for approval and for suggestion. We all know that we are given the chance to be independent but most of us are afraid of not being supervised because of the “Mistakes” we will commit. Also, conducting a meeting with the boss and with your team doesn’t hurt.

Give – credits to those you helped you resolve the mistake you’ve created. At the first place, you should give credits, so that they are being recognized by your boss and by others. This will improve your relationship with your employee or lower positioned employees.

Resolving a mistake can be easy and sometimes can be hard. But this shouldn’t stop us in seeking help from others and recognizing their talents and cooperation too. You are the boss or a leader that they look up too, so if your team made a mistake, you should accept it and help them resolve it.