lead generation company, outsourced telemarketing, sales leads, qualified leadsOne classic scenario of corporate drama is the clash between sales and marketing. This is often a result of sales leads that the marketing side managed to generate but is done in a way that is not to the sales team’s liking. Don’t even think that outsourcing would somehow avert this confrontation because the factors causing clashes have not been dealt with.

However, just what are these factors? Well here are just some of them:

  • Different definitions of what a qualified lead is.
  • Different preferences for how to qualify a lead.
  • Differing desires regarding what stage to involve them.

If you’re thinking that those three factors have more in common than starting with D, you’d be right. It’s difference. When outsourcing, it’s not just the needs of your potential prospects that your outsourced company must care for. There’s still your needs to consider too. In fact, shouldn’t you come first when it comes to prioritizing needs in the first place?

A company that cares for your needs is a good listener and is willing to have itself set straight by your specifications on what a qualified lead means to your sales team, how should they be qualified, and when do they start directing potential clients to them. It doesn’t matter if the company is an outsourced telemarketing group or can do an additional service of appointment setting. Those features won’t matter if that’s not what you’re only looking for. Only outsource a lead generation company that cares about you as much as the people they contact for you.