A lead generation campaign in the midst of mass business consolidation can almost feel like your healthcare support business is trying to catch prospects being sucked into a vortex. A fair warning though. It is not nice to see the resulting merge that way. Rather, your lead generation strategy should prepare to observe these rapid merges and acquisitions for there can be more than meets the eye.

What Lead Generation Should Observe

Lead Generation, Medical Lead Generation, Sales LeadsHave you ever asked yourself why this sudden storm is happening in the first place? Why have the prospects you have targeted in your previous (or even recent) lead generation campaigns all of a sudden fused with something bigger? Do they know how much trouble this might mean for your current and future lead generation efforts? You now have to answer to someone bigger and more difficult to qualify!

See, that is exactly why you have to look more closely. You are ignoring the one thing you should never ignore in a lead generation process: Your customer. While it is wise to understand the impact of a prospect’s decisions on your whole business, your focus should be entirely on yourself. Did you not notice any of the following at all when qualifying your medical leads?

  • They were never large to begin with – If your lead generation strategy was targeting practices of a particularly small size, then the chances of them fusing with something larger are very likely. This does not mean that you should not target them at all. It simply means that your lead generation process should have helped you see how a day of consolidation might come.

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  • They were struggling – An even more obvious indication is the fact that they are struggling. Never forget that the medical lead generation process never stops at the sale. It goes beyond towards constant interaction with the customer. At the very least, being aware lets you be more understanding when a prospect continues to struggle with finances and resources, with no option left but to work with a larger entity.
  • What you can still do to help – There are a few better ways your lead generation process can perceive the entity that is either merging or acquiring all your prospects. Instead of something more difficult, test if your fears really are founded. For all you know, their little merger may still leave them relying on your support. There is also the possibility that all this consolidation can happen exclusively among your clients!

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That desire to help prospects should always be the main motivator behind your lead generation campaign, not merely revenue or profits. A sudden whirlwind of consolidation is not necessarily bad news for your lead generation strategy but it does call you to be more focused on the problems discovered in your medical sales leads!