One critical step in any lead generation process is to identify a need and position yourself as the one to fulfill it. You believe that a problem you have identified is quite something that you like to show yourself as passionate about solving it. The problem now though is what if that is exactly how you have presented yourself in your lead generation campaign and your prospects are more intimidated than impressed?

Lead Generation Is Not Always About What Matters Most To You

Lead Generation, Cleaning Lead Generation, Cleaning LeadsSometimes what you think is a problem is not that much of a problem for your prospect. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is neither. This is the part where your lead generation process should see if they are being honest with themselves. This might take a little more than what you are comfortably expert at but this is part of that ever important tactic of using sales leadsbe it residential cleaning leads or office cleaning leads, to understand prospect viewpoints.

  • Can they do it themselves? – Start with something simple. Suppose you are a commercial cleaning firm. Are you targeting people who are capable of doing the things you do in house? Is there a way your lead generation process can evaluate it from engaging with them?
  • Do they want to do it themselves? – How much does your prospect want to focus on something else besides cleaning? Can your lead generation process learn about other tasks they worry about every day? They may want to save up on costs but why not use lead generation to see how much more success they will have with what they do if they devoted themselves more to it?

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  • How badly are they doing without your service? – Your corners are being cut when your prospect is suffering badly for denying itself. It’s like refusing to bathe in order to save up on water and soap. You may be right to have your lead generation campaigns avoid prospects that ‘do not need you’ but do not ignore people who are obviously blind to the harm they are inflicting their businesses.
  • Will the cost be a big deal? – This is where you measure how much your business will cost someone and whether or not you are worth the trouble you save them. The quality of your business should also come into play. Can your cleaning lead generation strategy present you as someone who does a better job at a negligible price?

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A lead generation strategy that focuses on needs might actually be about balancing between emphasizing on problems you deal with alongside understanding that prospects have other things to worry about. So if you want to generate cleaning leads, emphasize the importance of cleanliness but at the same time your lead generation strategy should take advantage of the fact that your prospects can be saved the trouble.