lead generation, cold calling, business to business leadsIf you don’t know what a “Brony” is then here’s a basic definition – a Brony is a term that has been coined for male fans of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After learning about this, at first I couldn’t believe that there really was a male fan-base for a children’s cartoon such as this, especially one composed of males well into their teenage and adult years! So once I heard that there was a guy in the office who was admittedly a Brony, I decided to approach him and see if he could give us some Brony lessons and tips on lead generation.

Now, lead generation isn’t exactly something you can liken to a cartoon. After all, it’s all about business. But after having a talk with my co-worker, I learned that he was able to apply the lessons he learned in watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into some aspects of performing effective lead generation for B2B leads. As such, I decided to take it upon myself and see just what got him addicted to the show and understand for myself these so-called lessons in the magic of friendship which he compared to when generating leads.

So here’s what we learned; our lead generation tips from a Brony!

“You gotta share, you gotta care.”

The first area he covered in discussing with lead generation with me was about how we, according to a pony named Pinkie Pie, “you gotta share, you gotta care,” He says that these very words are important when you do content marketing and social media.

“In doing lead generation, content plays a key role in conversion. Whether it’s just another businessman poking around on our website, or an information seeker who found our blog and read our posts, good content will draw them in and increase our conversion rates. But that, however, only happens when we share information that we know our prospects and readers care about,” Seems pretty far-fetched when it comes to applying lessons from pony to lead gen, but in a way, he was spot-on with his explanation.

“It’s never a bad thing to put a little humor when you call a prospect.”

The next thing I asked him about was lead generation through cold calling. In the above point, he first went with telling me about lead generation and how sharing good content affects your conversion rates. Cold calling however is a different field so I asked him about it just to see what he would say.

“Cold calling, eh? Well, I’m glad you brought that up. I’ve always thought that the guys who do cold calling are a bit too uptight in their task. I mean, it’s never a bad thing to put a little humor when you call a prospect,” He said and I was kind of curious as to what point he was trying to get across to me. “Essentially, cold calls are just what they sound like. Cold. I just think that it wouldn’t hurt to break the ice with a little humor here and there. Sure there are people with no sense of humor out there, but who doesn’t like a good laugh?” At first, I was a bit skeptical about his point but then I later came to the realization that a good telemarketer, when doing cold calls, knows how to put a prospect at ease and connect with them. So I guess the occasional joke shouldn’t hurt your efforts with lead generation through a phone call. “Pinkie Pie is my favorite. She’s real funny,” He added.

So aside from his excessive fondness of Pinkie Pie, I learned that he was able to incorporate what he learned from his favorite cartoon to how you generate business to business leads. Although it’s not exactly what I would have expected, it has taught me that you should try to look at things from a different perspective, especially when you run a business and generate your own leads. New ideas yield new results, after all.

Do you have any lessons in lead generation to share? If you do, leave us a comment!