As more information becomes available online, buyers are growing more and more firm when making their buying decisions. This has led to a strong yet quiet movement among B2B and B2C markets alike towards respect for those decisions.

Both Hubspot and Marketing interactions have confirmed the growing power of the buyer way before they even walk through the lead generation process. But when your influence is reduced to that of a casual observer, what other role can you play in your buyer’s journey? Is it truly just the buyer calling the shots or do you have a choice yourself?

Sometimes, when you observe buyer behavior, it seems just easier to let them go through your one funnel one phase at a time. They either give you the sale or you don’t. But as already demonstrated, buyers demand the freedom for more choices. They don’t want it all black-and-white. A lack of choice is just as bad as being overwhelmed by numerous ones.

And for that matter, neither do you! Sure, you have a specific target market but stick too much to a narrow niche and your sales growth may not go anywhere. Diversifying can add more targets, can bring more leads, and result in a bigger company.

So perhaps, instead of some divine observer, you used to be one but got a bit divine demotion. (Kind of like what happened to Thor in his own movie.) Yet with that little demotion comes a little revelation of your own. You get to make choices of your own. Your prospect gets their freedom to choose and whatever choice they make shouldn’t cripple you but rather give you your own set of responses.

  • Study their choices – A basic step towards diversifying is actually marketing more than one type of product. Or even if it is just one kind of product, it should have a level of customization. And each time they give their own spin, be mindful because it will tell you what they’re looking for without you presuming.
  • Predict more than one outcome – Don’t just have one contingency plan in case they say no. Sometimes one rejection differs from the other. Multiple responses of your own give you multiple options in case one doesn’t change a prospect’s mind right away.
  • Communicate constantly – Finally, constant communication is healthy in any sort of journey. That includes the journey of a buyer as they talk to you about your offer. For each choice you make when qualifying, they also get more choices and they cycle goes back and forth.

The rise in buyer’s decision power has also called businesses to create more personal, one-on-one connections with their prospects. Perhaps it’s high time businesses looked beyond simply watching and selling and realize they’re just as much on a journey as their prospects.