Let’s face it. At least half the world was still watching FIFA even when their favorite team was out of the game. Not only that, more than half of those numbers were also likely doing it while still at work (if articles like this were any indication).

So chances are you may have run into some pretty awkward moments in your lead generation campaign. Can you get any more awkward than calling your prospect while they’re in the middle of watching a global soccer game?

If you caught your prospects watching, pretending to be busy for everyone else, would it be a good idea to open the topic of the World Cup? Did you just step on a land mine?

Obviously, not a lot of people like getting disrupted let alone caught. It might even be worse if they either your old customers or prospects you disqualified in your previous campaign. So what’s the plan? How do you get out of this mess? Better yet, is there a standard procedure for this kind of situation (and not just for World Cup watchers)?

  • Talk about it for a bit – It wouldn’t hurt to ask about their favorite teams in the World Cup. When building a stable relationship with your prospects, it’s good to also show them that they’re talking to a human being. Just don’t forget the main reason why you ask them this is so you can anticipate what time which teams will play. In the end, you talk about it only as far as it can help you determine their schedule so you won’t disturb anyone the next time around.
  • Read up on it ­- It’ not like every fan watches for the whole day and roots for everyone in the stadium. That’s why you don’t have to worry about doing too much homework on it. Start by knowing the practical stuff (like what next game they’re likely to watch).This may not be fool proof but you’ll at least these tidbits will help decrease the chance of accidentally walking in (figuratively speaking).
  • Understand that it’s awkward – Finally, you really have to acknowledge how awkward this is all is to a prospect. Understand the prospect’s embarrassment as you would a family member’s. Why? It’s because what you were doing was never really meant for anyone to know (despite many people eventually admitting to it). In the words of Gandalf, you need to “keep it secret, keep it safe.”