One of the advantages of software lead generation is that it reduces the members of a negotiating table. In business, negotiations prior to a sale are quite common even in B2C markets. Perhaps what makes B2B lead generation more serious on the other hand is that these negotiations are longer and have repercussions. Therefore, it only makes sense that a small number is a natural consequence of the lead generation process.

Using Lead Generation To Shorten The Waiting Line

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Sales LeadsFor example, business software can lay a heavy cost in terms of money and time on its buyers. Do you really think that these buyers are not going to try and find ways to make it lighter on themselves? That is why your lead generation process is there so that only those who give fair terms will give software vendors a good chance to make their sale.

Speaking of which, imagine you are a software vendor and your market is a represented by a crowd of people minding their own business. You send your lead generation campaign to find software leads among those people so that they will fall in line. Inside your shop are your salespeople who they will likely negotiate with. If the line is too long on the other hand, time is lost on negotiations that your salespeople find trivial and that your lead generation process is supposed to handle:

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  • Budget – Interest is not the same as affordability. That is why people price tags on things. But in the case of your marketers, the process could be more complex since a lot needs to be calculated in B2B pricing. Regardless, strong affordability is the task of your lead generation process so that your salespeople only negotiate those who do not run at the sight of so many zeroes around the end.
  • Understanding – Despite large budgets as well as interest, you also have to make sure your prospect understands what it is they are setting aside that much money for. Software lead generation is more than just about asking for interest. It is about testing how that interest translates into understanding of the technology because false expectations and misconceptions are another wasteful type of negotiation.
  • Authority – Tying with understanding is authority. Sometimes a person who shows interest lacks understanding because they do not have any authority over the department. As you are well aware, targeting is important for lead generation and that includes targeting the right authority when defining your market. In fact, if they know so much, why is the job of selecting it not theirs?

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Having a large crowd of interested customers is nice but paying customers will always be better. In B2B though, that usually results in fewer software sales leads but that is good because it shows your lead generation process knows the value of quality over quantity when it comes to software sales leads.