Having plenty of customers could only mean you were very successful with your business sales leads. Sometimes you have so many prospects across so many industries, each industry is like its own country. However, what happens when your latest batch of sales leads suddenly finds itself conflicting with these veteran customers? What if your lead generation campaign targets an industry that ends up starting a war with another?

A Different Kind Of Conflicting Sales Leads

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, Lead GenerationNormally, using the word ‘conflict’ with ‘sales leads’ means the leads are no good. They are either the same business under a different name or a lead considering a proposal. But in this case, the sales leads being discussed are causing a different kind of conflict.

There does not seem much on the subject but there are cases both among B2B and B2C businesses where one demographic of customers comes into conflict with another. These customers both love your products but the difference between their fondness for them is as sharp as a bayonet.

Despite that, they are all your sales leads, your customers. You have to listen to both sides while at the same time, not turn a blind eye to the obvious conflict in their interests. Whether these differences arise from general management philosophies, work place cultures, or even just business size, such issues are not theirs alone. They are also yours. And just like any war, large-scale conflicts are often in danger of spreading to others unless kept in check (if not resolved). The same tools you used to produce these B2B leads must now be used to produce a solution or at least avoid adding to the problem:

  • Start with the newer sales leads – Prospects who are just new to your industry may feel bullied by more experienced buyers. Instead of encouraging this behavior, encourage experienced buyers to help you market for new sales leads. Let them be your advocates while at the same time teach them to open themselves to new ways of using or understanding your business.

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  • Avoid fueling the conflict – Whether it is introducing yet another new batch of B2B sales leads, be it IT sales leads, software leads, merchant services leads, healthcare leads, or appealing to older customers, you do not want either to only fan the flames. Looking for new customers is not always a good idea if you cannot retain your old ones. Neither is it good to alienate potential sales leads by limiting your self exclusively to elites among your customers.

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  • Avoid gaining from the conflict – It is one thing when you appeal to two different sides so that both provide sales leads. It is another thing to benefit from the heart of their dispute. In fact, the only thing worse than fueling a conflict is doing so you end up gaining. Meanwhile, your actions result in one source of sales leads annihilating the other or worse, you lose both.

War is never a good thing and it is bad enough that warmongering has scarred the image of corporate business. Do not wait for this image to seep even all the way down to sales leads. Use your lead generation campaign as a campaign for peace between warring customers.