Much recently, Android phones and iPhones have been often used to access the internet wherever and whenever the users please. And in a fast-paced age like this, more folks want their business over and done with as fast as possible. They can’t even sit down to switch on a desktop anymore. Why would they want to stay put in one place when they can take the internet wherever they can?

Now as you all know, the two big names in the mobile scene are Android and the iOS. The suave couture of their apps and games show increasing dominance in the market.

Both Apple and Samsung—the two leading companies in terms of smartphones sales and profits—enjoy strong brand loyalty from consumers. According to a survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, 20% of Apple’s customers over the last year came from an Android phone. At the same time, only 7% of Samsung’s customers were switching from an iPhone. Meanwhile, Samsung continues to boast a bigger market share.

But wait, what does this have to do with online marketing? How can games and gimmicky apps affect telemarketers and their business?

All those apps and games seem to have drawn all of the attention to the point that you might overlook the potential of mobile technology in enterprise.

The internet is everywhere and so B2B marketers shouldn’t take the consumer statistics lightly. They’re only a precursor of what’s to come in the enterprise space. For example, while everyone’s gushing over Angry Birds or Plants VS Zombies 2, look at what Evernote’s been doing as it plans to be the Nike for meeting rooms.

Apps aren’t exclusive to what you can spend your coffee break minutes on. Their use in an enterprise context will mean a new market that will demand a type of marketing that matches to it. You think consumers are the only ones who can’t surf in one place anymore? Try picturing a CEO who’s always on the go.