lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadThere are two powerful drivers of human behavior which we can use to our advantage when it comes to marketing and lead generation. These two “drivers” are actually mental states which touch on the actions which we choose to take in everyday life. Fortunately, these key behavioral drivers are carried over even into the workplace and can help you create a better marketing approach as well as lead generation tactics.

Who do we eat delicious food? Because we enjoy the taste. Why do we avoid anything that can cause us harm? Because we do not enjoy the sensation which comes with being harmed in any way. Where are we getting with this train of thought? Well, we are talking about two of the prime drivers of human behavior: pleasure and pain.

But what do pleasure and pain have to do with how you formulate a marketing approach and your lead generation strategy? As marketers, we base our ideas of how people within our target market act. And what a better guide than human emotions themselves!

What’s the deal with pleasure and pain?

Pleasure and pain often dictate our actions as humans. We basically always try to find pleasure. The feeling of pleasure is singular, however can be attained through certain actions, one of which is stated in the example above which is eating good food; foodies derive pleasure from relishing delicious dishes. We seek pleasure in almost everything that we do, even in business. When our business is successful, we feel good about ourselves and thus derive pleasure from that knowledge.

Pain is the opposite. Rather than seek it, we try to avoid it as much as possible. If our office is carpeted, we make sure to stay away from our co-workers because we know we just might get shocked from static which is rather painful. In business, we want to make sure everything is working. This is because when a problem arises, we have to deal with it and well, doing so is a pain in the behind!

What can marketers learn from this?

  • Pain can influence a purchase – No, we’re not talking about beating the living daylights out of your prospects to get them to buy your product. Rather, we are talking about approaching your prospects and performing lead generation according to what issues they want to address within your company. Ask yourself if your product is something which solves one of their problems or other critical issues. If it does, their decision will most likely lean towards making a purchase.

  • Pleasure can help in sales lead generation – Sales lead generation involves locating and getting in contact with prospects that show an interest in your products and services. As part of our pleasure-seeking habit as human beings, we always seek to find happiness in what we do. To business owners, seeing their company do well is part of what brings jot to their lives. As such, lead generation is about targeting prospects who understand that they want their business to succeed. This, just like pain, can also influence a decision to buy. Prospects who seek improvement with their business are the best targets when it comes to lead generation.

Want to better your business to business lead generation results? Then learn from human behavior itself and use pleasure and pain to come up with much more attractive marketing offers!