Finding the qualities of B.A.N.T. is no longer the main job of sales reps. The task has gradually transferred to the B2B marketers, demand generators, and other upper areas of your sales lead generation funnel.

Is this good or bad news? Well just about a year ago, Hubspot declared B.A.N.T. simply isn’t enough for sales reps to work with. Prospects have more access to information so they tend to flock to competitors who deliver the content producing this information and right into the arms of their sales rep.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that a more direct marketing approach won’t change their course and send them your way instead. Hence, you have the trend of switching B.A.N.T. over to your marketers.

It’s like treating B.A.N.T. like a piece of land. Or more specifically, it describes the region’s particular traits. B.A.N.T. isn’t really the full report but your sales reps can be like the first survey team you send over helicopter. Why do people do this?

  • 1. One attribute isn’t enough – It’s not enough to say that the weather’s windy or there are plenty of trees in the area. A full overview will help explorers prepare for all of it. And just like that, your sales reps need a full overview so that they can prepare for what a prospect might ask. They don’t want to waste time determining a budget or solidifying prospect interest. They want prospects are keen on having a discussion with a healthy probability of coming out with a sale.
  • 2. Preparation allows for a deeper look – Say you’re looking for something a particular region. A bird’s eye view can establish one area so that you end up having to look all over the place. B.A.N.T. is no longer the sole factor in winning a sales but it can outline a path towards one. All that is left is for the sales reps to start trudging and cutting down the obstacles.
  • 3. Speed – Finally, you can argue that your sales lead generation process is not only faster but also more successful this way. A thorough B.A.N.T. overview still requires spending less time on smaller details and more on just getting a rough idea on why a prospect wants to buy. It will be their job to make the closes but you’ll at least have more time to look for a new lead while they work.

B.A.N.T. may not be enough but it’s still among the necessary components when you want to successfully process a lead into a sale. Your reps need a very complete overview of where they’ll be going with a prospect from the actual location of their meeting to the kind of discussion they’ll have.