appointment setting, lead generation, telemarketingGenerating leads is far different from closing sales. In fact, there should be two separate departments to handle each one. You have your marketing team, the guys who are responsible for generating leads. Then you have your sales team, the people who are in charge of handling your leads and closing them. If you do teleprospecting, however, appointment setting may not exactly work for you if your sales and marketing teams don’t “get” each other.

In order to run a good business, you need to make sure that your sales and marketing teams understand each other so that those metaphorical cogs mesh together. Want to make more sales? How would you do that if there’s a problem with your lead generation strategy? For example, marketing generates leads that, as per sales, are not qualified. Or, in another scenario, marketing sets an appointment which your sales people do not know how to handle because of the lack of lead nurturing.

As such, you will need to align sales and marketing in order to achieve better success rates with B2B appointment setting. Here are a few tips to help you do better in appointment setting.

Keep sales informed on scheduled appointments with prospects.

Sometimes sales cannot effectively engage with a prospect who has agreed to an appointment may be due to a simple reason such as not being prepared for the meeting. Why is this? That’s because marketers are the ones who generate the leads and at times are the ones who handle what day and time to schedule the appointment.

Sales needs time to prepare for the meeting and know the exact day and time when the prospect has agreed to meet, or receive a phone call from your reps. Have marketing keep your sales reps copied with email exchanges so that your sales team can track the progress of any lead that seems like it is ready for an appointment setting anytime soon.

Have sales rely on marketing to reschedule canceled meetings.

We cannot avoid being busy in the workplace and as such your prospects may decide to have a change of schedule or maybe even drop the entire thing. At times like these, it is not the job of your sales team to follow your prospects in order to get them into another meeting. Rather, it is the job of your marketers.

Have your marketers re-engage with your prospects and try to get them back into scheduling another appointment date. Have your marketers plan with sales on when the best available times for your reps are, as well as so both teams can know in advance how the prospect responds, and if they agree to a meeting at a later date what the exact schedule is.

In the world of business, especially appointment setting, a prospect rescheduling or canceling a meeting does not mean that they have lost interest or do not want to talk to you. Although this is the case sometimes, other reasons may just be that their schedule suddenly got filled and they can’t ignore the other important tasks at hand. Don’t fret if your B2B leads reschedule or cancel.

Have both sales and marketing nurture leads that require more time.

In appointment setting and lead generation, you need to nurture your leads depending on where they are in the sales process. Some of your leads may just be getting onto the process, others further along and ready for higher levels of engagement. In appointment setting however, just because a prospect agreed to a meeting does not mean they are immediately in it for the sale. It may mean that they are ready to start learning more about your company.

Lead nurturing can be the job of your sales team. It can also be a duty which your marketing team has to handle. Or, better yet, it can be both. Your teleprospecting team can be the one to make that quick introductory phone call which will help set-up the playing field for your sales reps to send the appropriate emails, case studies, PDF’s and other relevant material. Your calling team should also remind your prospects about upcoming meeting dates and sales should be ready when that date finally comes. Working closely with your teleprospecting team can help in lead nurturing and thus get better results in appointment setting.

So are you fond of using telemarketing in doing appointment setting? Why not align your teleprospecting marketers and sales reps to achieve better results from your campaign.