telemarketing, telemarketing company, telemarketing servicesWhen you run a telemarketing campaign, you want to see profit come in. That’s why you chose to go with such a marketing tactic in the first place. The problem that many telemarketing firms face however is that they have high employee attrition rates. The more a firm loses its outbound sales agents, the more they make less of a profit than they should be. This is because they have to have to deal with having to re-hire new staff, pay for recruitment agency fees, training fees, as well as overtime pay for staff who stay later than they should due to the lack of the needed number of employees.

A lack of employees, or a high rate at which they lose them, is bad for any telemarketing company. This means longer hours for some of their regular telemarketers due to the fact that they have to make-up for the hours that others could not render. The problem with this is that it can stress out those who regularly go on overtime duty. The problem with having to hire new staff also lies in that a telemarketing company will have to spend both time and money on their recruitment process, as well as to train their new telemarketers and pay additional fees. As such, employee retention rates matter. It’s the sign that a firm is doing good, has a healthy working environment, and good company culture as well.

If you’re having trouble with keeping your telemarketing company afloat due to agent agent turnover, then take a look at these following tips:

Locate the root of the problem.

There’s always a reason behind every resignation. In every company, you can’t just assume that someone retired because of old age. One reason you’re losing employees may be because that there’s a problem in the work place. The first step to improving your telemarketing call center’s agent retention rates is to locate the root of the problem within your company. Is there a problem with your staff? Is there a health hazard that could be jeopardizing the health of your workers? There are a ton of questions you can ask yourself in regards to what problems there could be, the important thing is that you are able to locate it as soon as you can.

Figure out the best way to deal with the cause of the problem.

The next thing you need to do is to figure out the best course of action to take in regards to the problem at hand. “How am I going to fix my employee retention rates” is something you may be asking yourself. You’re trying to deal with that by having followed the point above. Let us assume that the problem lies in your work shifts. Let us say that you have shifting schedules and your employees come in at different times of the day, or have to work a graveyard shift. Some people can’t take these sudden and rapidly changing shifts that some telemarketing companies have. This becomes a health hazard and thus they start losing more employees who leave due to sickness. This is one example of a problem. To fix it, you can try organizing a schedule in which shifts become more regular and change less frequently.

Telemarketing is an excellent lead and revenue generator. The problem with telemarketing companies, however, is that they sometimes face a high turnout of their agents. This leads to poor performance on their part, and less profit for whoever hires them. It’s always important that a good telemarketing company knows how to deal with any internal problems that may arise and lead to them losing their employees.

Are you running a telemarketing campaign? What do you think about employee retention in call centers and how they affect performance?