telemarketing, lead generation, appointment settingRunning a successful telemarketing company not merely about making a large sum of profit from having many clients. Part of a telemarketing firm’s worth lies in its workforce: its telemarketers. Without them who would make calls? Without them who would perform the services which telemarketing services providers offer? It’s obvious to see that telemarketers play the most crucial role in the companies they serve.

Of course, a telemarketer cannot just be a telemarketer if he/she wants to be a contributing factor to the success of the company they serve. In order for a telemarketer to become an asset for any company, and not just for telemarketing companies, a telemarketing agent must have a few traits to them.

As said above, these traits do not apply simply to calling agents who are working for a telemarketing company; it also applies to callers who work in other types of companies. Want to know the makings of a good telemarketer? Well here is what you’re looking for…

A good telemarketer enjoys speaking with people.

There’s no point to working a job you don’t enjoy. When you do a job that you cannot bring yourself to like, you will find that it becomes taxing in the long run and will start to contribute less due to your lack of affinity for what you do. One of the things that telemarketer will always be doing is making calls to prospects. No matter what the task may be – lead generation or appointment setting, even hard-selling, a telemarketer will no doubt be on the phone all throughout their work shift.

As such, one of the makings of a good telemarketer is that he/she must enjoy speaking with people. And we’re not not talking about some form of enjoyment derived from the salary they are getting, no, we are talking about actual enjoyment in conversing with others! A good telemarketer will be more open to other people. A good telemarketer will find it easier to like other people. The more open and likable a telemarketer is, the better they will be at doing their job.

A good telemarketer is committed to results/outcome.

Enjoyment derived from work is not enough to make a telemarketer good at what he/she does. A good telemarketer is a goal-oriented person and sets goals he/she must achieve each and every telemarketing shift they take. By achieving these set goals, they are able to contribute more and feel that they have succeeded at the end of the day by completing their own set tasks. A good telemarketer is committed to the outcome of the project and will thus want to bring back good results with every call they make. If their task is appointment setting, then they will make sure to achieve a set number of appointments set every day for every shift.

A good telemarketer must not fear the phone.

What kind of telemarketer would you be if you can’t even pick up the phone? Certainly not a good one, I’ll give you that. One of the things which can really impede the progress towards becoming a successful telemarketing caller is fear. Once fear sets in, it can cripple even the most able bodied of men, bring them down and force them to not act upon their decisions. In other words fear is something which stops a telemarketer from doing his/her job.

A good telemarketer must not be afraid to pick up the phone no matter what. Even if they know what the result is, either a yes or no from their prospect, they will still pick up the phone and make the call. The makings of being a good telemarketer include not being afraid of rejection.

Now that you know some of the makings of a good telemarketer, you will perhaps know how to find a reliable telemarketing company which you can work with to handle your campaigns. Remember: the success of a telemarketing company is not dependent on the money they make or the clients they serve; it also depends on their telemarketers.