database management servicesAs a marketer, I find that having a healthy pipeline is important in the whole process of closing sales. The problem is, however, is that we often get sales leads and our pipes get “clogged” because of all the clutter that went down the drain. As more and more leads are generated, you’ll find that your pipeline is going to need to get bigger and at the same time it’s going to become a lot more difficult to sift through, especially if it’s been clogged up with junk all the months you’ve been in business.

Being a marketer, I choose to pick investments that get me the most bang per buck as well as those that give back on the time I invest into them. So when it comes to our own pipelines, would a marketer have time to invest in going through all the raw sewage just to clean up a mess they themselves create when they pour more leads into their database? If it’s worth the time and helps close more sales, why not. But for companies that do not have enough time to devote to such tasks, they often choose to engage with companies that provide database management services.

When it comes to keeping our database and pipelines clear, marketers are often better off doing what they do best – getting more sales leads into it rather than cleaning it up themselves. True enough, you need to spend money to make money and investing into database management services isn’t a bad investment at all. In fact, it will greatly help any company out when it comes to sales and marketing.

Want to know why you need a healthy pipeline and well-kept database? Here’s why:

1.) Better lead nurturing campaigns.

Companies that have a lead nurturing campaign in place are on the right track to closing more sales. And those that do succeed in lead nurturing owe it all to their marketers and sales teams, as well as their business database of excellent quality. Sales and marketing can only ever succeed in lead nurturing when they know which leads are the ones to nurture.

A well-kept database will make it easier for your lead nurturing team to find the sales leads that matter. Would you really want to run such a campaign only to find yourself sorting through lead after lead? A cluttered database will only make it harder to work, more so when your lead nurturing team has to make use of it on a near daily basis.

 2.) Better segmentation.

Segmenting your leads helps greatly in marketing and sales. When you first start doing lead generation, you have probably already planned your campaign; you already came up with your targeting parameters, qualifying criteria. As your campaign stretches on, you will come to find that you will need to segment your leads in order to create much more effective marketing offers, as well as to help you find the best types of prospects to engage with.

Segmentation of your leads, luckily, can be handled by a list management services company. These types of companies know all the best practices in keeping databases and pipelines clutter-free, and thus help you better when it comes to segmentation.

Lead segmentation and nurturing go hand in hand – the better the segmentation is, the easier it is to find and nurture leads that fall under higher priority. However, I digress.

 Database management services are all about keeping all your leads in check, as well as keeping your database and sales leads pipeline always usable and easily manageable for your sales and marketing teams.

 Want to know the key to a healthy sales pipeline and leads database? The answer is simple as database management.