telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, teleprospectingUsing telemarketing as part of your marketing campaign can be a good thing… however, it can also kill it. That is all dependent on how you do it though. There is a right way to do B2B telemarketing, and there is also a wrong way to do it. So for today we are going to look at a few things that can kill your campaign so you can hopefully avoid doing them, or if you already have your campaign going, so that you can rectify any problems at hand.

A lead generation telemarketing campaign thrives on performance. It does not just survive on its own. If you do not conduct yourself accordingly (or your telemarketers), then your campaign is not going to have a very successful run. As such, here are the top three ways for you to kill your telemarketing campaign:

1. Not using a proper calling list.

When you do telemarketing to generate leads, you cannot just randomly call people, expect them to answer and give some sort of positive reaction to your call. If the company you have just contacted is not even on your target company list, then you are not going to get the feedback or reaction you want. If you are not using a properly made calling list for your campaign, then you are going to be experiencing this a lot. One of the things that kills your campaign is not having a well-made list or database of contacts who you need to be calling.

2. Calling without a defined target market.

As said in the previous point, one thing that kills your campaign is calling without knowing who to call. But even if you had a good calling list in your hands, effective teleprospecting can only happen when you know your target market. Not everyone will respond positively to the products and services you offer through your telemarketing campaign, and your teleprospecting efforts will certainly not get you anywhere when you do not have a target market in mind. Every company should have a target market, and it should be on this market that they should focus on. Before you start your campaign, always make sure that you have your target market defined.

3. Calling without knowing who you should get in contact with.

Companies you call will have gate keepers. These are people tasked with making sure that only the people with legitimate claims and reasons for calling make it through to their intended business contacts. A telemarketing campaign dies when those who call for it cannot get through to their intended prospects. It dies even more when from the first time someone picks up the phone the telemarketer does not even know who to be connected to. Calling without knowing who to get in contact with makes gate keepers put their guards up and thus be wary that the person who is calling may be making a solicitation call, not have a valid reason for calling, or be just another telemarketer. Once you pick up the phone, always make sure that you know who it is you are calling for.

These are three ways for you to kill your telemarketing campaign. Teleprospecting and generating leads is not much of a hassle when you have good callers in place, however, they will not get anywhere fast if they do not have all the facts down. Always make sure that you have a list to refer to; always make sure that you have defined a market to call; and always make sure that you know your target contact persons.

There are more ways than these to kill a telemarketing campaign, however, these ones certainly do a decent job of making the blade fall from the top of the guillotine