All B2B marketers want sales leads. It’s what pays their bills, pays their company’s bills, and shows that all their hard work is paying off.

It’s not surprising that, when you’re getting the good hang of it, you start pushing for a higher production.

It’s like when you’re in an Easter egg hunt and you realize that you’re getting real good at finding the eggs. You want to get more. You know there are a lot of prizes for the best egg hunters. There is just one problem.

Your egg basket is starting to get real full. Your salespeople feel like they’re being pushed to their limit. Conflict arises and there’s the threat of production coming to a crashing stop.

Naturally, your only course of action is to get a bigger basket. Yet, how exactly do you that in terms of sales appointment setting? Do you hire more salespeople? Tell lead generators to slow down? It may not be any of these things first.

  • Get sales and marketers to discuss lead definition – What if your salespeople could close leads faster? What if different types of leads signified more sales-ready prospects than others? If you don’t want your leads to overflow, then you need to close them before generating more. A discussion on what defines good and bad leads will at least get the two parties to review and collaborate on how to function better.
  • Evaluate your lead generation methods – Sometimes too many leads, no matter how good, could be the result of unethical practices. So if your salespeople are straining under the load, it should at least be good enough reason to slow your lead generators down and consider a different approach.
  • Consider retention over acquisition – Sometimes both sales and marketing are in the wrong when they’re focused on generating new customers over retaining old ones. Instead of looking for new ‘eggs’, why not have them approach the ones you’ve already got and see how much more value they can generate for your business?

Rushing in when your sales leads are getting good sounds like living the dream. But when your sale people, your ‘basket’, start getting all filled up from all your success, that dream could be their nightmare. Keep that basket from breaking and remember that a volume of good leads isn’t just the only element of a successful business.