Being an industry leader may get you a lot of financial services leads but that is not an excuse to treat your prospects like idiots. Heck, sometimes you can do it even in the most polite way but still lose your sales leads because you assume every prospect you engage in is clueless about what you know.

Not All Sales Leads Are From Idiots

Sales Leads, Financial Sales Leads, Lead GenerationThis can happen quite frequently in knowledge-heavy industries like financial services. One of the first mistakes is that you forget your target market is a mix of expert customers and those who have just started considering higher financial expertise for the first time. The former can make for good sales leads in the long run because they can also double as market influencers. The latter comprise of completely new financial leads. Knowing which one is which can make the difference between a marketing image that is full of financial wisdom and a condescending one that turns of a lot of your sales leads (new and old).

So where do you begin drawing this line when organizing your sales leads?

  • 1. Test their expertise – When prospects come to you with a particular problem, ask what they have tried. Avoid giving away the obvious too early because even if newbies would appreciate it, you will get the opposite effect when a prospect turns out to know enough to demand something else. When qualifying sales leads, everything from budget to authority touches upon how much they actually know.

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  • 2. See if you are engaging directly – Some forms of attracting financial sales leads do so by sending out a large message (usually via social media or content publishing). You can actually ‘target’ these methods without too much fear of stating the obvious. Optimization and the like have their limits when it comes to who reads your materials. On the other hand, direct conversations should have you remaining cautious.
  • 3. Make sure you actually listen – Arguably the biggest mistake is to not listen at all and keep persisting that a prospect does not know what he or she is talking about. Remember, you are trying to attract sales leads, not make another typical flame war. Calmly sit down and actually pay attention to what it is they are saying about themselves. Focus on the solution they want and see if you can really offer it.

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While it is nice to say that you only want to help, there is no point if it is either the wrong kind of help or the same thing your prospect already had before with minimal results. Stop losing your sales leads to condescending behavior and use your B2B lead generation strategy to focus on what a prospect actually knows!