nurturing paths

At KickStart SalesForce, we always tests how different lead nurture paths works and see how effective they are. This let us optimize our processes and be more creative in how we treat about our prospect engagement.

In the middle part of lead nurturing, you will reach the point when you have an abundant numbers of content that spans wide range topic. KickStart SalesForce’s nurturing path have content pieces that covers from email marketing all down to the inbound marketing. What we found out is different lead interest differs per path. For example, a lead nurturing path where some prospect is interested in social marketing while others are more interested in event marketing.

In making a content, we have to be sure that it will be relevant to our lead which is why we are implementing an interest-based nurturing track that depends on a person’s last activity to determine if it is effective with the target or not.

Selecting the nurturing paths

This is how it works. We made a lead nurture paths based on four different and major topics that we hypothesized and these are: email marketing, social media marketing, telemarketing and lead generation. For example, when a person attends out webinar, we are going to put him on the social marketing path. Once he is the interest base path, he will be receiving a set of social media marketing centered emails.

Testing it out

This is where oil meets water. If someone is interested in social then feed them social topics but then again in theory, it doesn’t always end in a beautiful way and as much as we know it we should dig a little deeper in the data.

We begin with selecting contents that delivered more than 500 in the past two months so we have more data to look and study through it. The last thing to do is to keep a stage monitoring about your prospects action.