Email Marketing Dont Buy Email Lists if you want to increase prospect engagement

Whether you have been utilizing B2B email marketing for a while or you’re a brand new company brand just starting up, purchasing an email list and having an expanded email database can seem attractive, but it’s generally a poor habit and it may be detrimental towards your deliverability rates and sender reputation. There are four reasons to this.

  1. Unsolicited emails: Since your recipients have never heard from you before or never opted in to receive your promotions, your emails could look like spam from their perspective. If a recipient marks you as spam, your sender reputation will deteriorate and ISPs will be suspicious of your activities. With just enough spam complaints, you could make your IP on a blacklist, ultimately making it difficult for all your soon-to-send emails to be delivered to the people who actually opted-in to your promotions.
  1. Quality: You can’t just trust the quality of a list. You never know where the names came from, whether the email addresses are correctly verified, and whether they’ve been remove for spam traps or syntax errors. The email addresses could be obsolete and the demographics can be at any place. You just really don’t know what you’re pushing yourself into.
  1. Spam Rate: Email service providers and marketing automation platforms typically have spam rate thresholds installed, so if you receive a certain percentage of spam complaints per email delivered, they may terminate the contract. That is because you are using IP addresses associated with an ESP or marketing automation platform and you’re sending spam, it will be a bad reflection on them as well to ISPs. Maintaining good standing relationships with ISPs in order to properly service their other clients. For some ESPs, your spam rate goes above 0.5%, if they’ll reach out to you to do a full audit of your sending behaviors and list cleaning practices. They don’t want to sacrifice their business reputation just because you had to buy some lists.
  1. Bad Metrics: This one should be obvious of all reason. Your email metrics will consumed by bad lists! These people never wanted to hear from you, so very few of them will read and click your emails. Is getting a few email clicks worth losing customer engagement? No, especially when you have to explain the cause to your bosses.