There are three main medium where you have to consider whenever you think of having an email marketing campaign. One of these medium is using a “batch emails.” This kind of email is like the delivery truck of email marketing. Its main objective is to move people from point A to point B. Just like any regular truck, they only stop whenever their cargo needed to be delivered and they don’t care what place is. They deliver it where the products are supposed to go. If one product is out of the package, then there’s no way but to move on. 

How can Batch emails move our email campaigns

Batch emails are synonymous in the way that it only pander to the lowest of lowest common denominator. An example of this is like there is only 6% of a batch emails are being opened actually by a customer. So that’s it. That is an actual batch email.

As email marketer experts say, there is only one chance to make a positive impression. We try to avoid the deadly “unsubscribe” or worse –“spam flag.” No one would risk it all in just one email blast to a million people. NO, that is an amateur approach for any marketer to do in this evolving and fast-changing marketing dimension.

In using batch emails, the sole target is to reach only 6% at a time. You may want to think it’s a pretty weak number but given with the right amount of time. It will actually pay offs. One pitfall in using this is that if your entire email marketing strategy only revolves around this method, then your email marketing campaign is doomed.

At (site) batch email are part of the overall structure of our email strategy.

All marketing software can produce batch emails, and we don’t deny that. The problem is when the software only do one task at a time, just like batch-and-blast alone. There will no growth in that. The tip here is for you to move on to the next thing like, investing a good software that will deliver you the option to trim down the line.