Kick Start Sales Force provides industry-leading merchant services lead generation & appointment setting solutions. We understand that companies offering multiple payment processing capabilities have their hands full matching them to just the right customers. Different industries have varying business models, delivery processes, and ultimately, systems that receive payment from their own customers.

From highly-qualified payment processing leads to sales-ready merchant business appointments, promising prospects are easily within your reach with our B2B telemarketing solutions. We’ve already planned and carried out targeted cold calling and inside sales campaigns that market the following:

  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • Cash Advance
  • Point of Sale (POS) System
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • ATM Services
  • Online Transaction/Payments
  • Wireless Terminals

When you choose Kick Start Sales Force, you’ll gain access to the talents and tools required to smoothly run a laser-accurate lead generation and appointment setting campaign. You’ll be closely working with a professional team of cold callers specialized in the merchant services industry. In addition, you’ll be given a host of project management tools for tracking progress in real-time.

These strategies have been refined through several years of cold calling and inside sales experience in the industry. The people and processes we employ all deeply understand the buying and sales cycle in the merchant services market. We only provide solutions that are flexible and workable enough to meet your specifications.

At Kick Start Sales Force, our only focus is on the quality of merchant services leads and appointments, not quantity. This classic approach creates a more efficient sales process by investing time only in real sales opportunities. We want you to maximize conversion, revenues, and marketing ROI.

Contact us today to start your enhanced merchant services lead generation & appointment setting campaign.