Technology can be a powerful asset in lead generation. However, like many in other cases, it doesn’t always multiply your effort as far as you’d like. Having the tools that can make you a one-man-marketing team might be a good way to start. However, what if you reach a point when you don’t just need a team but an entire army?

For example, take the difference between regular SEO and a much larger SEM initiative. Chris Abraham of Biznology believes the former as something that can be easily (if not crudely) done down on a smaller scale. But when it comes to executing bigger, more complex sets of processes, you might need more than just a single expert.

It’s pretty clear that the same idea can generally apply to all other forms of lead generation. But then what? Maybe you did realize that you can’t produce your target goal of high quality leads unless you quickly start building up some muscle. That doesn’t mean you can do so overnight. What are you going to do?

Well, like it or not, that’s really one of the reasons why outsourcing is an option in this particular situation. You need to bring things up to scale without breaking the company bank. Asking another organization to join in makes perfect sense.

But really, is knowing the difference between small and large scale operations the actual problem here? Maybe not. Maybe it’s getting people to admit that they’re no longer the former but the latter. That’s why it’s best to honestly assess your resources:

  • Priority tasks versus non-priority tasks – How much time do you dedicate (or at least want to dedicate) to a particular task? What is your measure for productivity in that task? Can that measure truly achieve the goals you’ve set out?
  • Check the costs of production – This is where it’s especially important to be honest. How much do you end up spending on just that one task? How often do you end up having little less for anything else? If you realize that there are just some things you can’t achieve with what you currently have, you’re stepping in the right direction.
  • Compare yourself to other organizations – This would require a different sort of honesty, the kind that has you second glancing the efforts of competitors. Are they really being a one-man team or maybe they’ve also outsourced an army somewhere. Check your competition and figure out how they’re managing the scalability problem.

Scalability isn’t just a lead generation issue but lead generation campaigns should always consider scalability. Always be ready to admit when you need an army for a particular task.