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After qualifying so many sales leads, you would normally want to get a closed deal out of every one. Your IT company needs as many chances to keep working and therefore, keep running. It would sound like a crazy idea to suddenly have them all your sales leads at each other’s throats and offering your software to the one standing at the top.

Sometimes One Worthy Client Is Better Than Numerous Sales Leads

However, what if your company has already reached a point that you are not looking for many sales leads but just the right one? Well, first, you need to know if you really have that right:

  • You have plenty experience in the industry – You are not a startup anymore. You have been in the business of developing and implementing IT solutions for years now. Some of the sales leads you used to accept before are no longer sufficient now because your experience has taught you better on which ones to really work with.
  • Your technology is nothing to scoff at – You may have exaggerated on occasion to acquire your IT leads but now, your products truly speak for themselves. Your lead generation strategy does not rely on cheap marketing tactics for attention. Attention is gained by simply presenting the product (and thoroughly qualifying your sales leads straight afterwards).

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  • You have something special for the winner – Another thing that attracts so many sales leads is the fact that you value the very thing the whole IT industry values: innovation. However, on the business side of things, sometimes your IT solution is the equivalent to a powerful weapon in sci-fi movies. A good inventor knows the right person to entrust it and having your IT sales leads compete for it is only natural.
  • You are transparent with all the above reasons (and more) – Finally, all your prospects are aware of why you are having them fight over something. And even if it all starts as some secret contest, you eventually come out with the truth. These are all still sales leads after all and you have a responsibility to treat them professionally.

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To summarize, you have to make sure that you have generated enough sales leads before to present yourself as a credible industry leader as well as explain why you thought it was the best way to qualify this particular set of sales leads this way. It might not always be good to have your sales leads compete, but when it is, make sure it is for reasons of higher priority than just IT lead generation!