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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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The Quantitative Guide in measuring your Team’s Sales Performance

There are hundreds or even thousands of resources out there that promise to make your sales reps better, faster, and stronger.  Ultimately, they consists of tips and tricks, call scripts, subject line suggestions, and more. We know that a lot of you read this article and share it with your teams.

But when it’s all said and done, how do you determine if your sales reps have actually improved? Continue reading…

Telemarketing Tips – Getting Past Hellish Gatekeepers

Here’s the solution straight out. If you think you’re going past hellish gatekeepers, it’s because you’re already assuming you’re taking a trip to the underworld.

Now try seeing that from your prospect’s perspective. Do you think they find it flattering to be treated like Hades or are they just playing along because they know that’s how you obviously view them?

Continue reading…

How to do Cold Calling for Warm Business Leads

cold calling

Ever experienced holding something cold and get warm results? Kind of ironic isn’t it? However, when you do cold calling, your aim is to get warm business leads from it. Still, a lot of salespeople and marketers get the cold shoulder from their targeted prospects. If you are one such salesperson, then it may be high time to revamp your sales and marketing method to new levels.

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Stuck in A Rut? Get Dug Out with B2B Telemarketing!

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B2B telemarketing, B2B inside sales, telemarketing servicesTake a look at that company. Now back to yours. Back to that company. Now back to yours! Sadly, your company isn’t like that company, but you can start selling like one if you had a helping hand instead of relying on your small amount of staff. What’s the answer, folks? Well, it may just be outsourcing! Have you ever considered making use of B2B telemarketing services? If you have, then maybe it’s time to take that consideration up a notch and dig yourself out of that rut your business has fallen into.

We have to admit to ourselves that we don’t always have the exact size of team that we need in order to do the things we want to do with our businesses. As such, since we’re at times undermanned, we can’t help but look for someone to help us perform the tasks we desperately need done in order to increase our profit. So… what exactly does B2B telemarketing have to do with it? Well, for starters…

Continue reading…

Back to Basics: A Look at What B2B Telemarketing Can Do

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B2B inside sales, B2B telemarketing, telemarketing services, lead generation telemarketingHave you ever seen or played Minecraft before? If you have, then you already know that it’s a game that involves having to collect resources and build things. And pretty much we can compare this to how we run a business. We need to build it from the bottom-up and gather the needed resources so we can keep building. However, doing that takes both time and money. As such, it’s for the best that you secure a way to generate more leads for your business, and one that doesn’t eat up your time in doing so.

Continue reading…

Online Marketing Advice – It’s Not Always About A Pretty Website

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B2B inside sales, telemarketing services, telemarketing companyAs we were scouring the interwebz for some ideas on our next blog post, we stumbled upon a post from a company named Capstone Internet Marketing and well, they hit the spot with their post that talked about online marketing and how success in doing business online isn’t just about a pretty website. And well, to a B2B inside sales company, it really is never just about having a company website for your prospects to take a gander at.

Continue reading…

How to Come Up with Amazingly Boring Content… or Not: Part 2

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B2B inside sales, B2B telemarketingIn our last blog post, we talked about how even a B2B inside sales company can generate more leads through content that isn’t grounds for a snooze-fest. Well in this one we’ll be continuing on from where we left off and go over some other ways to help your content loose that boring feel and get you more readers, more views, and less people closing the tab your page is on in their browsers!

Continue reading…

How to Come Up with Amazingly Boring Content… or Not: Part 1

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B2B inside sales, B2B telemarketingSo, let’s start with how we can bore our readers into putting a gun to their heads! First off, you need– wait, where the heck was that train of thought going? *slaps self* Bad marketer! No! Whoops, looks like we got a tad carried away back there, but rest assured, that’s NOT what this blog post is going to be about. If you want to effectively generate B2B telemarketing leads, then we’re going to help you out by giving you some advice on how to do it through your content. So, let’s move on!

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5 Ways to Help Your B2B Inside Sales Company Look Like An Inside Sales Company

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B2B inside sales, lead generation telemarketing, telemarketingB2B inside sales puts value in each call. Unlike common telemarketing, inside sales is all about building a relationship with the prospect, and not all about making a set number of calls. However, the are still compared to each other and a lot of people still label inside sales specialists as plain old telemarketers. Well, in a way, it is unavoidable. You can’t expect everyone to know the difference between the two.

As such, it would be in your best interests to make sure that your clients and B2B prospects are informed that you are all about inside sales, and not just another B2B telemarketing firm. So, here are a few steps you can take in establishing your presence as a B2B inside sales company.

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