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Generating Sales Leads from ‘Copied’ Products

Sometimes a competitor presents such a disruptive and revolutionary product, you can’t help but want to replicate their success.

Then again, that’s actually one way to describe the premise of Avengers: Age of Ultron. When Tony Stark discovers an A.I. abandoned by the alien enemies of the previous film, he attempts to integrate it only for his ‘success’ to become the Avengers’ ultimate archnemesis: Ultron.

Anyone who even just watched half the movie can learn a lesson about trying to copy a competing product for the sake of creating ‘something better.’ So if you’re trying to generate sales leads for a product like that, you might want to avoid making similar mistakes.

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B2B Marketing Tricks From Double-Layer Disney Villains

Most Disney villains are as cartoony as they come. There’s not really much to them that require anyone to think beyond the age of six.

On the other hand, there are some exceptional villains that are perhaps far more devious than what kids can perceive. But here’s the surprise, this double-layer that they have can be applied when you’re actually marketing in the big B2B space.

You don’t have to be villainous to have two different layers to your business and this is most especially evident when it comes to marketing. Though of course, here are some examples of Disney villains which demonstrate the point better:

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Branding: Your Own Hogwarts Banner

These four Houses are named after the four founders of the school and each designed an insignia of their own in order to identify the characteristics of their Houses. Brave Godric Gryffindor chose the Lion. The motherly Helga Hufflepuff chose the Badger. Rowena Ravenclaw picked the cunning Eagle. And finally, Salazar Slytherin stuck to his personal favorite: the Serpent.

Each House values certain qualities that are highly regarded during the Sorting Ceremony. Every Quidditch match the students of these Houses wave their banners with its emblem in spectacular colors, supporting their team and hoping for the House Cup at the end of the school year. Even the giant hourglasses that measure their House points each carry a distinct color in the form of precious gems.

Marketing isn’t so different, not even in the B2B context. Here’s a closer look at why.

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What ‘Bad’ Books Can Teach About B2B Marketing

Whether you’re a casual bookworm or a full time scholar on literature, you would know that this week is in fact Banned Books Week.

As the name implies, this week is to commemorate the books that have had a history of being banned once (be it at any point in history or any place in the world).

However, there are other ways to ‘ban’ a book without it necessarily meeting the formal requirements.

Things like literature can be stigmatized in more ways than just kicking them out of the library catalog. In a similar way, one doesn’t have to illegalize your business to create enough bad press that will dissuade prospects from engaging you. The question is though, does it always work?

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How to Maintain Your Marketing Edge

Marketing can be like a magic sword. Despite whatever powers it may have, a sword can still dull and lose its edge.

In the case of marketing, your edge is the summary of all things that make you stand out from the rest of the competition. So no matter how many tools or channels you use, leaving that edge to blunt is only going to make you sound the same across all of them!

So what are the things that maintain your marketing edge? Where do you find this whetstone or can you actually make it yourself?

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