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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

Maximize your Lead Generation to enable Sales Transformation.


Use Your Sales Lead Generation Machine to Break the Pickets

Ever get tired of the same old critics saying the same old thing about how awful today’s marketing is? Are you weary of hearing how your ads don’t offer anything relevant? Finally, are you sick of how all this criticism reaches to ridiculous levels like political movements and fringe, anti-corporate philosophies?

If you are, it’s high time that you reinvent your sales lead generation strategy. Particularly, turn it into something that mows down those pickets (figuratively of course).

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From B2B Lead Generation to Business Generation

No, this isn’t just another basic review of how B2B lead generation and marketing get potential clients through the door. While it’s true, that pitch has been taught widely enough on other parts of the web.

This is about a much simpler truth. It’s the truth found in that pitch. Why do people market? Why do they want business? Why is the culture around this idea continuing to thrive?

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Software Lead Generation Tips From World War II

lead generation, software leads, inside salesThe biggest war to date that has occurred on our planet started way back in 1939 and ended in 1945 – the Second World War. A lot of heinous crimes were committed back then by people we really don’t want to be talking about, but some good did come of it nonetheless. Did you know, however, that World War II can teach you a thing or two about lead generation for your software business?

The second world war, and the Holocaust, serves to be a bitter memory for mankind. The people who lived and fought through it in the past learned how a single person can become the epitome of evil and lead an entire nation into a fanatical attempt to conquer the world.

What was said above, luckily, isn’t what software companies can hope to derive lessons from in order to improve their current software lead generation programs. Here are a few things that we’ve learned from World War II which can be applied to your sales prospecting campaign:

“Discrimination” is unacceptable.

We mention discrimination here in a loose manner, meaning that it doesn’t actually just refer to how we discriminate against people. In doing lead generation for your software company, it would be wrong to “discriminate” in finding prospects to do business with. An example of this is when we encounter companies that we know don’t have a budget to procure our services.

Instead of taking a second look at them in the future, we “discriminate” against them and will most likely never get back to them to check whether or not they have become qualified software leads for your company. “Discrimination” is unacceptable here because you may just have missed out on one of your best possible customers in the future.

The side with more advanced technology will most likely win.

What did the Germans have that made them so powerful early on in the war? Technology. The Tiger tank, for example, was feared by any armored unit it came across because of its powerful gun which could destroy at range, as well as its thick armor. It was not until much later into the war that tanks were made to counter Germany’s Tiger tank.

This does not apply to you but rather to your prospects. Since you are a software company, you need to find prospects that have a need for more advanced software – something that your firm can give them. Since every business wants to remain competitive, your software would probably sell like hotcakes during breakfast.

Unity is the key to victory.

During World War II, the Allied powers fought together to extinguish the tyranny that Der Fuhrer had brought onto the world. Americans, Englishmen, Canadians, Poles, and a whole lot of others joined together to bring an end to Hitler’s hold on Europe. Unity was what won the war.

As a lesson to you, unity should also be part of your lead generation strategy. Do your sales and marketing teams share the same vision when it comes to your software leads? The best way to align their goals and achieve unity between them is to have ULD (universal lead definition). For example, have your inside sales team make cold calls and qualify prospects according to criteria that sales wants to see in sales leads.

World War II serves to be a bitter memory of a time far from our current day and age, however, we should never forget it, nor should we ignore the possible lessons it could teach us in doing business and lead generation.

Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

  • Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

    Credibility – An Important Part of Software Telemarketing

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software telemarketing, inside sales, appointment setting, software lead generation, SAP leads, medical software leadsWhen you do lead generation, especially when software telemarketing is your method of choice, credibility serves to be a very important thing. When you market your software products and other services through the phone, getting the trust of your prospects is of the utmost importance; you are selling something valuable here – business software. Your prospects should be able to trust you words as well as your company.

Once prospects start trusting your software company it naturally becomes easier to attract new business as well as to generate new software sales leads, like SAP leads or medical software leads. But what about when you are calling prospects that hasn’t heard of your business yet? How are you to approach them? Continue reading…

The Importance of Relationships in IT Lead Generation

  • A Freight Forwarding Company’s Lead-to-Sales Guide

    A Freight Forwarding Company’s Lead-to-Sales Guide

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lead generation, IT sales leads, telemarketing, IT lead generation, web hosting leads, cloud computing leads, IT outsourcing leads, IT consulting leads, IT telemarketing,  IT services leads, business leadsBusinesses that lack their own IT departments will find that they will be unable to streamline their work flow and increase the efficiency at which they work. This, luckily, can be remedied simply by choosing to create their own in-house IT department, or to choose to outsource to an outside IT firm. So when you are an IT business that is seeking to provide your services to your target prospects, it is important to remember that building relationships is the key to successfully getting web hosting leads, IT outsourcing leads, cloud computing leads, IT outsourcing leads and other business leads.

Relationships are important for every business especially when they want to close deals with other companies. Why? That is because people build relationships with people, not businesses. Also, from the perspective of an everyday person, wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy from someone who you have a working relationship with? As such, it is best to nurture your IT services leads early on in your campaign so that they move down the sales funnel and eventually become sales ready in the future. Continue reading…

Outsourcing IT Lead Generation to Third World Countries

  • To Outsource, or not to Outsource? Choosing in-house Telemarketing

    To Outsource, or not to Outsource? Choosing in-house Telemarketing

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lead generation, IT services leads, appointment setting, lead generation company, telemarketing company, web hosting leads, telecom sales leads, telemarketingIT companies that need their own lead generation programs but do not have the resources to have it done in-house turn to the services of third parties. However, at times, lead generation firms within their own locale may just not be as affordable as they think they would be. As such, companies that need lead generation services turn to look elsewhere.

Local lead generation firms may not have the prices you are looking for. When a company needs to cut back on costs, however, or when they just do not have the resources to do in-house lead generation, outsourcing is the only viable option available to them. But as said above, what can you do when even local rates just do not seem to be within your budget? Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #3

  • Early or Qualified B2B Leads?

    Early or Qualified B2B Leads?

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lead generation, event telemarketing, IT sales lead generation, b2b lead generation, IT leadsWhere were you last week? Were you at home, spending time with the wife and kids, or maybe vacationing in the Bahamas? Once your well-deserved time to yourself is over, however, you eventually wind up back in your office. When that happens, you’ll soon find that you’ve been out of the loop for quite a bit and it’s time to read up on what you’ve missed in regards to business and maybe even lead generation during the past week. Continue reading…

Why Some IT Companies Fail in B2B Lead Generation

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lead generation, IT sales leads, IT sales lead generation, web hosting leads, IT outsourcing leads, IT consulting leads, cloud computing leads, software leadsLead generation and marketing are closely knit. In fact, it can be said that businesses nowadays do marketing to generate leads. For IT companies, however, marketing and lead generation can be two different things. Why? That is because IT firms that mainly cater to the needs of other businesses will not much benefit from creating attractive marketing messages that are normally reserved for the likes if marketing to general consumers.

The question we should start asking now is why do IT companies fail in doing B2B lead generation? Well, there are a lot of possible reasons as to why an IT firm is not able to effectively generate the IT sales leads they need. It can even be said that they may have an inexperienced team of marketers and lead generators in their employ as to why they aren’t doing as well as they would have hoped to be in getting more leads. Continue reading…

The Law of Supply & Demand in IT Sales Lead Generation

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lead generation, IT sales leads, appointment setting, web hosting leads, IT sales lead generation, IT services leads, cloud computing leadsIn marketing, there exists a universal law which governs the interactions between consumers and producers – the law of supply and demand. Why do products exist? Because there is a need for them by everyday consumers. Why do businesses exist? Because there is an apparent need and someone had the bright idea to become a provider of a solution for that specific need. This can apply to all companies, especially those within the IT industry. As such, understanding lead generation also involves understanding the basic economic rule of supply and demand.

Back in the day, man had nothing but the skin on his back… and probably a club to whack things with. Nonetheless, our ingenuity kicked in and we developed tools to help us get through everyday life – just like how we “accidentally” discovered fire. And slowly, over the many millenniums that humankind has survived on our planet, we have become far more technologically advanced and now have a booming IT industry. And how did this come to be? All advancements in information technology were created because there was a need for it. Continue reading…

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