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Drive Lead Generation Through Landing Pages

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lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationTo start off this blog post, let’s ask a question: why do we create landing pages? Well the answer is because we want to convert our site visitors into leads. Lead generation through landing pages, however, is a challenge all on its own – one that is best left to your marketing team (and with the help of your web and graphics design team).

Landing pages serve to be areas in which where you can generate leads online. Prospects that are redirected to your landing page do not just end up there without reason. They are brought or came to your landing page because they show an interest in what you offer. As such, the task of your landing page is to convert your visitors into leads. The question now is how do you create good landing pages? Continue reading…

Lead Generation and Business Lessons From the Batman

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lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadsIn the fictional American city of Gotham, there resides an ever-watchful guardian, a so-called Dark Knight. As crime and corruption prevailed, one man decided to become the one thing that stood between justice and injustice. That man was Bruce Wayne. But most importantly, that man was the Batman. In lead generation, there are a few lessons which we can learn from the World’s Greatest Detective himself. Would you like to know them?

Batman was born when Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered in front of his very eyes by a common criminal. Ever since then, the only child of Thomas and Martha Wayne had a hatred for the very thing that took away his parents: evil. Unfortunately, we’re not going to go into detail about Batman and rather liken what we can learn from him into how we generate leads. Continue reading…

Pleasure and Pain in Lead Generation

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lead generation, sales lead generation, business to business leadThere are two powerful drivers of human behavior which we can use to our advantage when it comes to marketing and lead generation. These two “drivers” are actually mental states which touch on the actions which we choose to take in everyday life. Fortunately, these key behavioral drivers are carried over even into the workplace and can help you create a better marketing approach as well as lead generation tactics.

Who do we eat delicious food? Because we enjoy the taste. Why do we avoid anything that can cause us harm? Because we do not enjoy the sensation which comes with being harmed in any way. Where are we getting with this train of thought? Well, we are talking about two of the prime drivers of human behavior: pleasure and pain. Continue reading…

The Right Marketing Mix for Lead Generation

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lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationMarketers often stick to just one method of lead generation. In a way, such is good as it allows them to focus their efforts on mastering a single approach. However, as the landscape seems to keep changing, using only one method to engage prospects just doesn’t seem to be as effective anymore.

Marketing nowadays is all about finding the right mix, especially when it comes to lead generation. We can no longer simply phone a prospect, introduce our company and what we do and expect to generate a lead. Today, we have a lot more to work with. As such, a marketer should know how to mix up different approaches in order to do lead generation.

It’s not just about coming up the right marketing mix, it’s also about being creative in the development of your marketing offers. Want to get better results from your lead generation campaign? Well maybe it’s time to start figuring out the right marketing mix. Continue reading…

Lead Generation for Events – Is Social Kicking the Bucket?

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lead generation, business to business leads, telemarketingSomewhere back in the past, some guy had a crazy idea to let the people know about his company. He probably stood on the sidewalk and handed out fliers to the people who passed by. Sure enough, some if not plenty more showed up and his event could be considered a success, and he probably got a few good sales and leads out of it. Today, we emulate the same thing and try as much as possible to maximize lead generation results.

Today though, getting the word out about your company is a little bit different than it was back then. Nobody really stands somewhere handing out fliers nowadays, usually we take to the Internet to get the job done, as well as make use of other means to get people to go to our events. On the Internet, we have social media, one of the prime drivers of human-to-human interaction.

Even with social media at our fingertips, marketers that make use of it to announce and get people to go their events still doesn’t seem to work. The problem is that some focus too much on the “lead generation from events” aspect of things rather than how they market their event to people. Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Stir Up the Hornet’s Nest

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lead generation, business to business leads, telemarketingThere are things marketers should and should not do. One of the things that a marketer must never do is to avoid annoying their prospects. In doing lead generation, I know we can all get ahead of ourselves especially when it looks like we aren’t going to meet our quota or are just having plain old back luck in finding new prospects.

Generating leads is what marketers do. They come up with new ways to attract prospects and explore new methods with which to better the capability of their marketing campaigns in generating leads. However, a marketer should never poke the nest too many times if he/she doesn’t want to get stung. Are you familiar with the idiom “to stir up a hornet’s nest”?

When you talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest, it normally means to cause trouble. And well, “poking the nest” too much will really cause trouble for your company in the lead generation department. Continue reading…

Pursuing Business to Business Leads Like a Cheetah

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business to business leads, lead generation, telemarketingThe cheetah is not just an ordinary member of the cat family. It’s a large-sized feline which can chase down prey at speeds of up to a max speed of 120km/h, in controlled short bursts of course. With the ability to go from 0 to a 100km/h in just three seconds, you really don’t want to be the target of this big bad kitty. When it comes to pursuing prey though, the cheetah can be admired. And in a way, a sales rep should be the same way when dealing with business to business leads.

When we were kids, we believed that cats only ever ate fish, birds and mice. But as we grew up, we learned of other members of the cat family aside from the orange and black-striped fat cat we saw on TV or in comic strips. The cheetah, unlike the cats we used to know as children, prey on animals that are closer to its size such as gazelles. Once again, in a way, a good sales rep can learn from the hunting behavior that the cheetah exhibits. Continue reading…

How to Become A King of Lead Generation

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lead generation, business to business leads, lead generation companyA king is the ruler of his people. But most importantly, aside from being an authoritative figure, a king must be the most of everything. A king must be the most passionate about his work. A king must be the most greediest person when it comes to results. A king must be the most respectful to his people. So to speak, a king must be the embodiment of the ideals of his people. And it through putting an emphasis on getting the most results can you become a king of lead generation.

Okay, maybe you won’t exactly be a “king” when it comes to being lead generation. Because if you were, that would mean you would be the authority on it and rule over how it goes. In a way though, you can be regarded as an authority on effective lead generation practices. Continue reading…

How to Utterly Fail at Lead Generation

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lead generation, telemarketing, business to business leadsAny marketer with a solid idea in mind and with the know-how on how to put that plan into action will be able to execute an effective lead generation campaign. On the opposite end, a marketer that has no idea on what he/she is doing and doesn’t even know where to begin will utterly fail at lead generation.

When it comes to doing marketing, we want to succeed at what we are doing. Failure would, of course, cost the company we are working for a lot more than we think it will. Many missed opportunities simply translate to a lot of missed sales. And well, missed sales means that you have missed to get yourself an increase in your revenue.

In running a lead generation campaign, we want to know all the right steps so that we don’t get anything done wrong. However, this post isn’t going to teach you about how to succeed at generating leads, rather it’s going to teach you about how you can fail at it so you can avoid making mistakes when running your campaign. Continue reading…

Lead Generation Made Better – Qualifying Through BANT

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lead generation, business to business leads, appointment settingDespite the fact that every company has their own qualifiers when it comes to generating leads, many still turn to the use of the acronym BANT when it comes to dealing with new prospects acquired through their lead generation efforts. BANT stands for budget; authority; need; time, basically what a company wants to see in a prospect they wish to market to.

Qualifying leads through BANT is a traditional yet still highly effective way to measure a prospect’s capacity to make a purchase. Although, its use does not really help us gauge a prospect’s interest and intent to make a purchase. However, it still serves its purpose in identifying which leads are the best to pursue.

So for those of you who do not yet know how to qualify your business to business leads and other prospects through the use of BANT, here is a little guide for you to make use of. Continue reading…

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