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Effective Lead Generation Through Content

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lead generation, management consulting, business to business leadsGood content has become an increasingly important part of how companies present themselves to their prospects and clients. Unlike back then when just being a business was enough to draw in new customers, nowadays the same cannot be said. Today, high-quality content is crucial to lead generation in that it increases conversion rates.

Conversion rates matter. What would be the use of having a great sales pitch and marketing offers if the prospect has not been converted into a lead in the first place, right? And you can only ever start marketing to a prospect once they start to show interest in what you do. All else is just to attract them and see whether they bite your hook.

To achieve better results with lead generation, you need to create compelling content. What you present to your prospects must be something that wants to them to act upon your words! Businesses do this in a number of ways, one of which is to strategically place call-to-actions on the content they have on their website or the posts they have in their blog (if they keep one at least). Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips From A Brony

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lead generation, cold calling, business to business leadsIf you don’t know what a “Brony” is then here’s a basic definition – a Brony is a term that has been coined for male fans of the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After learning about this, at first I couldn’t believe that there really was a male fan-base for a children’s cartoon such as this, especially one composed of males well into their teenage and adult years! So once I heard that there was a guy in the office who was admittedly a Brony, I decided to approach him and see if he could give us some Brony lessons and tips on lead generation.

Now, lead generation isn’t exactly something you can liken to a cartoon. After all, it’s all about business. But after having a talk with my co-worker, I learned that he was able to apply the lessons he learned in watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic into some aspects of performing effective lead generation for B2B leads. As such, I decided to take it upon myself and see just what got him addicted to the show and understand for myself these so-called lessons in the magic of friendship which he compared to when generating leads. Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips – Applying Gamer Behavior

lead generation, telemarketing, business to business leadsI’m guessing almost everyone in the world has at least indulged in playing the occasional video game. You had to admit it though, it is quite fun and helps pass the time. However, we do not have our lives revolve around such digital entertainment. Although, there are people who above others excel at playing said types of games and these are the people which we refer to as gamers. Despite the fact that some of them may be nerds or geeks, did you know you can apply certain traits and behaviors that gamers have into doing lead generation?

Gamers are people who are known to out-perform others in playing video games, some of them even make sure to master different types game consoles and their respective video games just to make sure they have the upper-hand at all times. Such behavior is frowned upon by most modern day citizens, but we can admire this behavior if we apply a little business perspective to it. If you take a deeper look at it, you may actually come to find that the behavior and traits that gamers show to be very admirable. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Some gamers may be just completely normal-everyday people we see walking about; they could even be our workmates. Others are probably holed up in the basement of their parent’s house. Nonetheless, let us examine what gamers can teach us about doing B2B lead generation. Continue reading…

Call of Duty Lessons You Can Apply in Lead Generation

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lead generation, business to business leads, appointment settingHave you ever felt the excitement and experienced the action that comes from playing Call of Duty? Well, in a way, lead generation should be no different… except that you won’t be running around with a gun and shooting people. However, there are some lessons which a game can teach you and you can even apply them to real life.

To start, let me tell you about what Call of Duty is. The game franchise started way back in 2003 and put players of the game dead-smack into World War II. Being an FPS (first person shooter) game, it quickly became popular and spawned plenty of other titles. Recently though, the franchise has shifted from focusing on World War II to modern day warfare.

So what could you possibly learn from a FPS game which, specifically Call of Duty, could you apply in doing lead generation for business to business leads? Well, you are about to find out so hold on to your horses! Continue reading…

How to Properly do Lead Generation Using Social Media

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lead generation, inside sales, business to business leadsDespite the fact that we over here at Kick Start Sales Force are a B2B inside sales firm that specializes in telemarketing, we’ve still hopped onto the social media phenomenon in order to get in touch with players in our market. And through our experience, we’ve learned that generating leads through social media is not the same when you do it through use of the phone. Basically, social media presents a whole new experience and has its own challenges which every company needs to face if they do decide to go social.

As a company that chooses to go social, you need to be you. You also need to conduct yourself accordingly if you want to be able to do lead generation through social media. However, did you know that social media can also ruin your company’s reputation? We found this post over at Entrepreneur which talks about a few ways in which using social media can ruin you reputation. Read the full post here.

After reading the post from Entrepreneur, it really opened my eyes. I realized that in order to do effective lead generation through social media, you first have to fix your company’s reputation and how you handle yourself when dealing with interactions online. As such, we’ve come up with these tips to help you tackle social media so that you can prep up the market for grabbing some leads! Continue reading…

A Peak Into the Lead Generation Process

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lead generation, lead generation company, business to business leadsA service that many avail of nowadays is lead generation. Due to the ever increasing need to increase profits, businesses all over have realized that you just cannot make a sale happen when you do not have a good lead to work with. As such, companies that are in dire need of good leads turn to the services of professional lead generation companies in order to keep their pipelines jam-packed with sales leads.

Lead generation can come in many forms and there are all sorts of ways to get it done. One method of lead generation is performed through telemarketing and is one of the most widely used approaches in the world today. Some people do wonder though and they ask questions like why is lead generation through telemarketing so highly valued? Well, truth be told, telemarketing has nothing special to it that leads generated through it are of high-quality and quite workable. The answer lies in the process in which lead generation through telemarketing is done.

Do you want to know how lead generation through telemarketing gets the results that it does? Let’s take a peak into a simple four-step lead generation process, shall we? Continue reading…

Why Appointment Setting is Good for B2B

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appointment setting, business to business leads, telemarketingHave you ever gotten a call from a telemarketer before while relaxing about in the comforts of your own home? If you have, then you know just how annoying it can get, especially when they start calling back and claim that they have never spoken to you yet (despite the fact that you already recognize their voice). Well, it’s one thing to be called in the privacy of your own residence, but it’s another when you are in the office and all business-like. As such, you may be more open to considering an appointment setting call than when you were home and jamming on your Xbox 360 (or whatever it is you own).

If you’re one of the people who has experienced receiving a call from a B2B telemarketer, and while at home nonetheless, then you know just how it feels to be bothered during your much needed time away from the work-desk. Luckily, that is not the case when you have your work-hat on and are trying to figure out just how to generate more business to business leads for your company. Continue reading…

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