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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Advanced Lead Generation from Advanced Tech

At CES, in the Hard Rock hotel, producers of the Digital Health Summit, Living in Digital Times and Silicon Valley Robotics organized Robotics in the Runway. However, while you could find the robotics industry across all floors at CES, it is still plenty years away from producing consumer technology. The majority of the presented robots don’t even look the part in the eyes of general public.

They however, represent something greater: new developments in the B2B markets. Improving robotics is just one sign that companies must brace for new ways to market themselves as much as create new products.

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Event Marketing Tips – How to Avoid Celebrity Bombs

Advertising with celebrities isn’t anything new. Of course, even in the B2B space, it does help to have notable industry thought leaders draw some attention to your company. It’s just like Samsung’s decision to have Michael Bay endorse its smart TVs on CES.

On second thought, maybe he’s not the best example. You certainly wouldn’t want a similar episode if a speaker went to the podium and tried to endorse your product.

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