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Are Data-Driven Lead Generators Dead?

The title sounds like an announcement that’s far too early but if you’ve just read about Tesco, maybe it’s not as early as you think.

Naturally, this can be bad news if you value customer-centric businesses (both as clients and as your own marketing identity). If a company that claims to learn so much about its customers is still prone to huge failure, what about those who’ve come to live by this adage? Will lead generators now die by it as well?

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5 Ways Data-driven Marketing is Like Taking the Perfect Selfie

If you’re not a big fan of data-driven marketing, I hope this post changes your mind. You really need to embrace data or else you’ll only end up groping (and possibly even stumbling) in the dark. Yes, there’s nothing sexy about breaking down data and crunching numbers, but these things don’t have to feel like a tedious chore. In fact, you can think of the whole art of data-driven marketing as a welcomed hobby — like the pursuit of taking perfect selfies.

As it turns out, this analogy isn’t really that far-fetched at all.

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