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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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The Takeaways in Building Your Digital Sales Campaign 

Recollect the last digital marketing campaign that brushed you off your feet. Perhaps it was one that made you stop and think. Possibly it was one that made you snicker so hard you cried. Perhaps it was one that made you understand you required something you never at any point knew existed. Regardless of what it made you do or feel, the way that you recalled that it implies that it was in any event to some degree effective.

So how was that organization ready to interface with you so effectively? It surely wasn’t simply incredibly good fortunes, you’re too sharp for that! Continue reading…

How Print B2B Marketing is Saved by Digital

It’s really stereotypical to assume that today’s digital marketing trends are out to get classic strategies that involve print or telemarketing. “Everyone gets their media online.” “I’ll just Google it.” “Email is faster.” Blahblahblah.

And yet, plenty of experts will say “Wait a minute!” and then start singing the opposite song. It’s the opposite song but it remains the same. Old methods still do a lot of good according their statistics. Digital methods have proven flaws. Again, blahblahblah.

Has it ever occurred to you that digital methods can actually save (and should save) their proverbial seniors? Here are several reasons how (and why).

Continue reading…

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