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Financial Planning Leads – Less is Better than None?

One of the prime arguments for retention over acquisition is the 80/20 rule. This is often a favorite rule for those in the financial planning business. Long-term business relationships ensure more stability compared to constantly creating new ones with little thought of nurturing them afterwards.

On the other hand, what happens when retaining actually means getting less from your long-time customers? Does it mean generating more financial planning leads or is getting less still better than getting none?

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Advanced Lead Generation from Advanced Tech

At CES, in the Hard Rock hotel, producers of the Digital Health Summit, Living in Digital Times and Silicon Valley Robotics organized Robotics in the Runway. However, while you could find the robotics industry across all floors at CES, it is still plenty years away from producing consumer technology. The majority of the presented robots don’t even look the part in the eyes of general public.

They however, represent something greater: new developments in the B2B markets. Improving robotics is just one sign that companies must brace for new ways to market themselves as much as create new products.

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Offshore Outsourcing Against The Storm of Critics– Part 2

In the previous post, you learned about establishing a connection with the company you’re outsourcing offshore. Such is the first half of an effective outsourcing strategy that defies the claims of critics.

The second half is perhaps trickier. It’s all about a strong attention to detail in your relationship:

Status Of Sales Leads Helps You Plan

Whether your qualified financial leads come from an outsourced provider or are generated by your own people, it is important to mark the status of your progress with each one. It is like in strategy games where you actually see a building being constructed in real time. Oddly enough, financial planning services operate on the same need. They need to watch the status of their assets as much as their own sales leads.

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Lead Generation – Why It Sends Fewer People To Negotiate

One of the advantages of software lead generation is that it reduces the members of a negotiating table. In business, negotiations prior to a sale are quite common even in B2C markets. Perhaps what makes B2B lead generation more serious on the other hand is that these negotiations are longer and have repercussions. Therefore, it only makes sense that a small number is a natural consequence of the lead generation process.

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Sales Leads – Give Instructions After Qualifying

Generating sales leads themselves is never the end of the marketing process. They are only just potential customers after all (with the potential to help keep business running). After the appointment and after a sale, it could be that your sales leads only began the real work.

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Lead Generation Tips – A Prospect’s Position

Discussing a prospect’s position is par for the course in any lead generation campaign. Software companies for example are very specific with which decision makers to target in a prospect company. It also happens to be one of the most difficult stages in the lead generation process. Sometimes a prospect will throw you off or may even be just recently assigned. It is one of the points when information becomes obscure.

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Lead Generation Tips – Learn From Competitors’ Failures

You do not just use lead generation tools to learn about prospects. It is also possible to use it to learn about competitors. After all, your competitors are one of the biggest reasons why you need a good lead generation strategy in the first place. The IT industry is in a constant state of innovation and competition because new tech can grow old in a short span of time. Your lead generation campaigns should keep you in the loop on everything that happens, from the actions of competitors to their very failures!

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How to Turn Otherwise Boring Content into Interesting Content

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generate leads, B2B marketingWhat is your content marketing team doing? Are they churning out content that is centered around your products and services? Or are they pulling out all the stops and being helpful by generating educative and informative content? Well, to be frank, we can’t say that a sudden change in your pace is going to make whatever your content marketing team puts out more interesting to everyone. However, once you shift what type of content you put out, then you can perhaps at least generate more leads and increase your followers.

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