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Does Lead Generation Make One A Target?

Today, there’s a lot being asked from B2B marketers in order succeed in their lead generation campaigns. They’re called to do social. Their content needs to be prime quality. Even classical methods like telemarketing and email are called to implement the elements that give more power to the prospect than to the business.

But on the other hand, are the same aspects of social and content-driven marketing also making you and every other marketer a target?

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B2B Marketing Tips – Google Glass and the Reality of Shifting Markets

Wearable computing technology had been conceptualized as early as the 1600s and has been popularized ever since we came to the Digital Age. Let’s take for example one of our most recent innovations like Google Glass, a device that not only provides users with hands-free commands using voice activation, it also provides users the constant accessibility that cellphones can’t provide since you have to take them out of your pocket.

Most of the younger critics who have or have not tried out the device noted out that they aren’t that inclined for socializing as smartphones and tablets can. Sure, they can be used to find and make new friends but the Glass has limits whether they like it or not. And while Google’s original intention was for social activities (and may even compete with handheld devices), most people believe that Glass is more suited for professionals and sports.

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