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Does Health Lead Generation Play With Numbers?

Arming your lead generation campaign with a lot of convincing information seems pretty second nature for a lot of health-related companies. However, it is also a reality that people have become increasingly doubtful with the way people use such information to give their own spin on things. Does this mean that citing stats and numbers is still good for lead generation or you just playing with numbers just like everybody else?

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Outsourced Lead Generation – They Represent You First

A common objection to outsourcing lead generation is that independent third parties could be sharing the data with competitors. And if that is not the case, some will insist that they still share the same pool of data. The latter can be valid if you forget than outsourced lead generation company represents itself first and you second. The good news is that hardly is the case.

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Health Sales Leads – Do More With Them Than Just Sell!

Your health sales leads may include only the most minor details but they have major implications depending what kind of business you are. In the case of targeting the healthcare industry, you will need to do more than just sell something when pursuing sales leads. In fact, it can be argued that selling is the easiest part compared to things like implementation and training!

Sales Leads Only Tell You Enough To Start

  • Sales Leads, Health Sales Leads, Lead GenerationTraining – If your health leads are for a product (whether its a big piece of equipment or multiple devices to be released to employees), you should be prepared to teach them how to use it! Sales leads can teach you a lot about a prospect but you can never be sure how much of it goes both ways.

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  • Implementation – There is a reason why sales leads need to tell your salespeople how much free time a prospect has. It is not just time for client meeting or for the demonstration. It is also for the time it would take to actually install or implement whatever it is you are offering. This applies to both services that have procedures they need to get used to as well as heavier products that take time to set up.
  • Reference – You can also generate more health sales leads by getting satisfied customers to refer. This will not work if you just make a sale and then forget about them. Another thing about reference is that some customers would like to give feedback. It would be extremely rude if you can no longer remember what you learned about them.
  • Improvement – You also have the prospect of improving the business relationship. Remember, sales leads are only the beginning of one. Even in business, relationships do not start out perfectly. If you have learned anything from the above, bumps in the road are likely. You have to get ready to work at it and keep working.

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If you think sales leads are costly, then perhaps it is because you are not fully maximizing their value by doing more than just selling with them. Understand what are the things your health lead generation process is actually starting!

Appointment Setting Tips – Qualify Users, Not Show Offs!

Appointment Setting, Health Appointment Setting, Sales Leads

Are your products bought just for display?

Or do people actually strut with your stuff?


Appointment setting is more than just a marketing process. It is also a screening process. For companies like those offering healthcare support, such a process is their only means of differentiating users and those who just want to use your products to show off. You want your appointment setting strategies to connect you with those who give your products purpose, not pointless extravagance.

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Lead Generation Tips – Know What It Does Not Cover

Never forget the old fact that lead generation is only one among several other important processes in a business. Businesses in healthcare for example know that it will take more than a large database of interested prospects to actually keep operations going. Their lead generation services are not responsible for things like the actual maintenance of hospital equipment or conducting actual medical tests.

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From Telemarketing To Events – How Much Do You Spill?

In both telemarketing and event marketing, your value depends on what you are giving away. In telemarketing, it means giving away information in the hopes of getting information in turn that will qualify a prospect. Some prospects might need convincing in a telemarketing call and your only chance lies in facts they might be interested in.

It is the same with events. Just like telemarketing, events involve giveaways that range from actual freebies to live demonstrations of a particular product. Health seminars and trade shows are a good example of both in this case. But knowing that, are you aware of the risks of giving away to much? Many also caution to leave some for paying customers or otherwise you are giving away all your work for free!

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Get Health Leads By Putting Yourself In A Prospect’s Shoes

Sales leads are born from understanding the needs of a prospect and seeing an opportunity for your sales to offer a solution. For example, if you are offering some kind of support to medical institutions, you will need medical sales leads that indicate an urgent need for what you have (be it medical supplies, management, consulting etc). However, different needs can also arise from different situations that you need to put yourself in.

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