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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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5 Insider Tips for IT Telemarketers to Connect with CIOs

CIOs the world over are inundated with too much sales phone calls that many of them are now adopting evasive tactics. With such fierce competition from other IT telemarketing agents and increasing reluctance from IT chiefs, how can you stand out and really connect with your CIO contacts in cold calling campaigns?

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2 Things that are Ruining Your IT Lead Generation Campaign

Let’s pretend that your IT lead generation campaign isn’t going well. Why? Because if we didn’t then how else would we be able to tell you about what’s ruining your campaign! Okay, so let us now proceed to pretending that you are living in the aftermath of a post-company-apocalyptic era.

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Is IT Telemarketing the Answer to Your Sales Needs?

IT companies that aren’t meeting their quota with sales each and every month aren’t going to be in business for very long. What do you expect to happen when you can’t finance your own business? When a business needs sales, it means that thoughts of a lead generation campaign can’t be far behind. And when you talk of generating leads telemarketing is usually in the equation.

What could be the reason as to why your IT company is not making any sales? Could it be that you just aren’t able to find the right prospects to market to, or could it be just that your lead generation campaign isn’t working as intended. A lack of leads can really kill your business, especially when you’re already in dire need to keep the money flowing for day-to-day operations.

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Quick & Important Reminders in IT Telemarketing

IT companies that ignore the use of telemarketing as part of their lead generation programs are surely missing out. Outbound telemarketing is still a powerful tool when it comes to generating IT services leads, and it appears like it will continue to be as the years go on.

Way back in the past, Alexander Graham Bell almost didn’t get the patent on the telephone he invented – that’s right, he wasn’t the only one working on it. Well, we’d still have the telephone either way. Who we really need to thank is the marketer with the bright idea to sell stuff over the phone. And ever since that it seems like telemarketing has become part of a marketer’s arsenal.

So are you an IT company with an IT telemarketing campaign? If you are, then here are a few quick tips and reminders in helping you have better performance and better results.

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Lead Generation Tips – It Not Just About Being Right

Credibility has powerfully positive effect on lead generation. Prospects have plenty trust for IT businesses who know what they are doing and also know how to advise businesses on the proper means to use their technology. On the other hand, being right is not enough when it comes to having a credible reputation for your lead generation strategy. It is also about authority and always showing you have a right to be one.

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