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Letting Your Money Talk for Lead Generation

Amazon’s been hailed as the Godzilla that might put an end to brick-and-mortar retail. But according to this, it looks like certain B2B industries are also in the Big A’s warpath.

Think AWS was trouble? Say hello to AmazonSupply.

What’s most intriguing however is that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos rarely markets the latter. It’s an uncanny demonstration of how B2B products/services sell so high yet the average Joe can go through their whole life never hearing about them.

So is that bad for lead generation or is it actually a good idea to let your money do the talking?

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Can B2B Marketing Catch A Break During Spring?

For B2B professionals and sales reps, March seems like another one of those months with a lot of “average days.”  But for college students, it’s party time because spring break is coming their way.

What’s the big deal right? You got meetings to go, leads to qualify, sales to make…  It’s not like your 20 anymore and not everybody’s Mark Zuckerberg. On the bright side though, certain B2B markets are more active during vacation periods like Spring Break. If your business caters to any of these, now would be a good time to start a campaign and provide them with the services they might need to make the most of spring break.

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