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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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Should Business Change just for a Sale?

Change is inevitable, we can’t stop but we can go with the flow. Change isn’t bad when it comes to lifestyle and business. Yes, we all struggle to reinvent what we already have, what we already handed out and what we are. But it isn’t bad to create a new idea from those bad ideas that was turn down by many critics from the past.

I bet you all know what McDonalds did a few weeks back, Just so you know, they resurrected the long decease Hamburglar into a new Hambuglar. Yes, we can all do that, but the problem with doing that is, People who knows your business and grew up with it might reject the idea of revamping the lost character who they loved back then. But hey, at least you know the consequences of your ideas, right? Continue reading…

Should Lead Generators Risk Combining Buyer Personas?

You’ve heard of buyer personas before. These are the little profiles that sales lead generators use to categorize different prospects. This makes it easier to predict exactly what a customer might be looking for. It makes for faster qualification process and it serves as a springboard for speculating future customer demands.

Still, sometimes you can have one too many because you’ve grown to have so many different kinds of B2B customers. Could it be high time to cut down on the categories and maybe start mixing them up?

Continue reading…

Is Your Lead Generation Really Targeting the Source of Your 80%?

80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. You’ve heard this before. Not only that, you’re probably pretty confident that you live by this adage every day, down to the letter.

However, your lead generation campaign may not be as on-target as you think when your 80% isn’t actually there.

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Appointment Setting Tips – Re-Establishing Credibility

Being wrong the first time can hurt customer trust and it makes it harder to acquire the same customer in your appointment setting campaigns.

This is bad for a number of reasons, the main one being you get more long-term sales if you invest in a long-term customer versus constantly generating new ones. Long-term, repeat customers require stronger trust.

Continue reading…

How Big Games Demonstrate What Can Go Wrong With Your B2B Leads

There are a lot of totally obvious reasons to watch a big game until its conclusion. You saw it during the NBA Finals. You’re seeing it again in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Big games like this are one of the best examples of how the start of something doesn’t necessarily reflect its conclusions.

Ever had the same thing happen to your B2B leads? A customer looks interested, they were eager to talk to your sales reps. But gradually, things start looking difficult. Unexpected problems arise. The next thing you know, your sales rep failed to close it.

What’s funny is the tendency to see it from just the perspective of the start or the finish. This is not the best way to analyze the quality of B2B leads. Just as the most exciting games are those where competitors are neck-in-neck, your best marketing experiences are those that leave you analyzing every single step.

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How Minds at Leisure Generate B2B Marketing Content

You’d probably had this happen to you at least once when you were a kid. The day’s hot, the lecture’s long, and all of a sudden your teacher yells at you for letting your mind wander. Obviously it’s a clear case of the boredom bug.

But in the world of B2B marketing, sometimes that bug leads you to your next big idea. It’s like being called by that same teacher except you end up giving the correct answer. How is this possible? Maybe it’s because some people get better ideas in an unlikely context.

Continue reading…

B2B Marketing Tips –Sending A Message to Vacationing CEOs

No doubt summer means a lot of sun and travel for many, including CEOs.  Forget pricy air travel, gassing up the family car, expensive hotels, or even VIP security concerns. Plenty CEOs have found ways to avoid such worries when they travel.

You can tell by the way they’d just check their email once a day and expect themselves and everyone else to stick to it. Anything like an emergency meeting is strictly limited from filling up their calendar.

After all, vacations are the ultimate reset button, offering respite from all the company politics and rat racing. That’s why they want a clear line between a real break and a fancy business trip. It only makes sense that they’d want B2B marketers to also respect that distinction even if they’re willing to hear your offer while they’re sipping cocktails on a yacht.

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Lead Generation Tips – Joining Your Buyer’s Journey

As more information becomes available online, buyers are growing more and more firm when making their buying decisions. This has led to a strong yet quiet movement among B2B and B2C markets alike towards respect for those decisions.

Both Hubspot and Marketing interactions have confirmed the growing power of the buyer way before they even walk through the lead generation process. But when your influence is reduced to that of a casual observer, what other role can you play in your buyer’s journey? Is it truly just the buyer calling the shots or do you have a choice yourself?

Continue reading…

The Monsters Between Yourself and Your B2B Leads

Monsters. At first, it sounds so easy to think up of examples. But the longer you do, the more you realize that there are just so many kinds out there. Halloween alone will only show you a fraction.

But more importantly, they have always meant to represent something (be it in symbols, metaphors etc). For B2B marketers and lead generators, there are many obstacles to success that could easily be represented by monsters.

Although, that doesn’t change the fact that they are still so many to deal with (both the monsters and the marketing problems they represent). The following is an interesting way to categorize them all and bring you closer to a better strategy.

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Digging Deep Before Closing A Sale

What’s the one word that closes more sales? If you ask Grant Cardone of Cardone Enterprises, it’s the word ‘why’.

Looking at his examples though, it’s natural if you believe it’s slightly reminiscent of that annoyingly curious kid who never stops asking.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t drive a stronger point behind the word. That point being the depth you have to plunge in order to understand a prospect.

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