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2 Protips in Doing Email marketing for Lead Generation

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lead generation, email marketing, business to business leadsIn this day and age where IT and tech become more integrated into how business is done, every marketer should make sure to understand and learn how email marketing works and its use in lead generation. For every B2B company that seeks to find new clients and customers, email marketing should become one of their major methods of lead generation.

The thing is, as said above, every marketer should learn how to use it as part of their company’s marketing tactics. Email marketing isn’t exactly the same as B2B telemarketing; it’s not even similar to direct mail marketing. And why is that? That’s because email marketing makes heavy use of the Internet in order to get your messages where they should be – your prospects’ inboxes. Continue reading…

Kick Start Sales Force – Lead Generation Weekly #1

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lead generation, sales leadsLead generation is always an interesting topic. Over the years, how businesses generate their leads have changed. Some have chosen to stick to more traditional methods, although adding a little bit of their own spice and flair into it. Others have chosen to take to the Internet and heavily make use of digital marketing to get new sales leads.

So as the lead generation playing field changes, you need to keep yourself updated with what’s going on in the business world. If you don’t keep yourself up-to-date then chances are you’ll be missing out on some good opportunities to help your business generate more sales leads; you will be missing out on learning a thing or two about how to have an effective lead generation strategy. Continue reading…

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