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Migrations in The B2B Telemarketing Industry

As Steve Irwin would say, “Crikey!” Birds aren’t the only things that have been migrating lately as call centers are flocking elsewhere. What has prompted this? It’s the changes in an environment that could even be bigger than the B2B telemarketing industry.

But what exactly are these changes and how exactly have they drastically changed the behavior patterns of call center companies? Let’s take a look and find out.

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Offshore Outsourcing Against The Storm of Critics– Part 1

When outsourcing offshore, some critics are like tropical storms that rampage and overwhelm the regions you’ve selected. Offshoring has long been a target of negative criticism for stealing jobs with political critics claiming that the negative effects are often magnified compared to gaining the benefits they are supposed to gain.

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Need a Middle Man? 3 Reasons to Hire an Outbound Call Center!

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outbound call center, lead generation telemarketing, B2B telemarketing, cold callingWhen you have prospective clients you want to work with, you need to establish a connection between both your companies. As such, it’s good to have a sort of middle man. However, we can’t all have a mutual connection between companies, and building relationships takes time. Time is something you may not have the luxury of. Although building meaningful business relationships is one of the best ways to get deals going, it takes a while to get your foot in the door. So, have you ever considered hiring an outbound call center?

Appointment setting is important to plenty of businesses nowadays. It helps them meet with their many prospective customers, gain prospects, and therefore get sales as the end result. A lot of companies choose to hire B2B telemarketing firms for their lead generation services. On that note, your firm can benefit greatly from hiring an outbound call center for appointment setting purposes. So to speak, an outbound call center can function as your middle man in getting those B2B deals you’re after. Here are a few reasons and points as to why that is:

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How to: Do Follow-Ups With Your Lead Generation Telemarketing Campaign

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lead generation telemarketing, outbound call center, teleprospecingWhen engaging in lead generation telemarketing, it is always good to have a way to follow-up with the leads that you’ve generated from cold calling. Doing so allows you to secure the interest of your B2B leads, and allows you to gauge where you are along the sales cycle. If they respond positively to your emails, then you’ll know that they express a genuine form of interest in what products and services you offer, as well as find out whether that interest will lead them into the buying process. If they do not respond positively, or stay neutral to your emails, then you’ll know that it’s time for you to either not pursue your prospect, or to step it up and make another type of offer.

In the above paragraph, we mentioned email. True enough, email seems to be one of the best ways to follow-up with your B2B prospects. This is because email is quick, also because that it is more convenient than having to pick up the phone for another talk with one of your sales reps. However, we also have other forms of doing follow-ups with your leads, such as just making another call. So if you’re doing lead generation through telemarketing, then here are a few tips for you in doing lead follow-up:

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