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Creating Sales Leads While Keeping Up With Social

Does the blog title sound like a really hefty task for most marketers (or even human beings)? There are quite a handful of popular social media channels as well as other digital broadcasting platforms. How do you propose to generate, follow-up, and close your sales leads all the while maintaining the life of an online personality?

Yes, there could be some merit when B2B marketers adopt the social media habits of a Kardashian. It’s just that not everyone in the world literally is one.

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Lead Generation Tips – Dealing with the Social Craziness

In the world of B2B marketing, it’s still a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss a consumer approach to new lead generation tactics like social media and content.

But like it or not, the success of those mediums in the B2C sectors is getting hard to ignore. Given the craziness that often characterizes Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream social media platforms, it’s hard for B2B marketers to not feel both envious and spiteful at the success of such unorthodox methods.

How do you deal with this age of social craziness?

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