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Sales Appointment Setting – Betting On Both Sides of Competing Prospects

It’s conventional wisdom to stand behind your client and your prospect in the face of their own competition. Realistically speaking though, sometimes you just get so many in your sales appointment process that you end up getting rivals in whole sets!

How do you serve promise each one equally? Is it wise to hedge your bets on all of them? What if you’re outsourcing your appointment setting services? Would they want to qualify prospects who are out to get each other?

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Appointment Setting Tips – Avoid Other Ways of Intrusive Marketing

There’s no shortage of complaints about online advertising. In fact, they hearken back to the days when people complained just as much about telemarketers.

What really catches the eye however is that these two forms of marketing are centuries apart. Could it be that technology isn’t the silver bullet to the monster of intrusive marketing?

What exactly defines intrusive and in what other ways does it take form? Maybe it would make your job easier if you knew.

Not a real ad but it’s distracting no?

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Sweet Talking In Sales Appointment Setting

April is celebrated as National Poetry month but for some people, poetry sounds like nothing more than sweet-talking. Does the kind of talk have room in a sales appointment? Those who hold a traditional view of corporate business might say yes. But then again, many sales advisors claim that the psychology of selling matters less than the sales process.

So which is it? Do you forego any hard facts like budget, need, or a prospect’s past experience? Or do you stick to them in order to determine if they’re really worth the time of your sales rep?

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Sales Appointment Setting – When to Call it a Day

A successful appointment setting campaign can be a double edge sometimes. Having a lot of leads and meeting so many prospects essentially means loads of opportunities.

It also, however, means loads of work for your salespeople and your appointment setters. You don’t need to see the signs of stress to realize that there’s a point when you need to call it a day.

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