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Using Telemarketing Services to Share What Prospects Don’t Know

As we are in the information age, businesses are now more in a race to beat prospects at the knowledge game compared to their competitors. It’s one reason why direct marketing tactics like email, direct mail, and telemarketing are facing a tremendous challenge in particular. How do you beat someone who looks up every resource possible before you do? Whether its search engines or social media influences, gone are the days when you can underestimate the knowledge that reaches prospect ears.

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Breaking the old B2B Marketing Molds

Job-Search-GoalsNew Year’s resolutions tend to be two things for people. They’re either a) dreams, goals, and aspirations or b) something people make but just get sick of later on. It’s pretty sad that only 8% of those resolutions end up sticking. But for B2B marketers though, this isn’t a bandwagon you’d like to jump into. It doesn’t take an MBA to know that the stakes could be higher (hello sales numbers) and the pressure to adapt just keeps piling (just look at the chaos that’s hit SEO marketing in the previous year).

So clearly, you need to make resolutions that are more fact-based but at the same time prepared to see those facts change. As a start, one old habit you need to ditch right now is sticking too hard to what’s not working anymore. Try the following resolutions to break those old molds: Continue reading…

NaNoWriMo and the Beauty of Raw and Real Content

November is also known as National Novel Writing Month where writers from all professions, genres, and skill-levels rush to finish the roughly 50,000 word draft and celebrate creative endeavor.

But while rushing a deadline and word count makes for very poor quality content, NaNoWriMo demonstrates that there is still something of value to that rush. It’s this value that you can take beyond the event, beyond November, and to your entire content marketing strategy.

So what exactly is this value made of? It’s made of the difference between content that’s been rushed and content that’s running free.

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