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Creating Sales Leads While Keeping Up With Social

Does the blog title sound like a really hefty task for most marketers (or even human beings)? There are quite a handful of popular social media channels as well as other digital broadcasting platforms. How do you propose to generate, follow-up, and close your sales leads all the while maintaining the life of an online personality?

Yes, there could be some merit when B2B marketers adopt the social media habits of a Kardashian. It’s just that not everyone in the world literally is one.

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Social Sales Leads and Social Impact

Social justice is a hot button word and it’s not your fault that you constantly keep your distance for fear alienating a possible portion of your target market.

But when it’s caught up with your campaign to generate sales leads from social media, how do you keep from getting caught between a rock and a hard place?

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Lead Generation Tips – Dealing with the Social Craziness

In the world of B2B marketing, it’s still a knee-jerk reaction to dismiss a consumer approach to new lead generation tactics like social media and content.

But like it or not, the success of those mediums in the B2C sectors is getting hard to ignore. Given the craziness that often characterizes Facebook, YouTube, and other mainstream social media platforms, it’s hard for B2B marketers to not feel both envious and spiteful at the success of such unorthodox methods.

How do you deal with this age of social craziness?

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B2B Telemarketing Tips – Spot Poorly Maintained Conversations

One more reason why people think telemarketing loses out to the internet and social media is the number of respondents. Think of it like this, you have a particular office problem (glitchy servers, messy accounting documents, or even just dirty toilets). What gets you more advice from more people? Is it the single telemarketer or the thousands of users online who’ve had and resolved similar problems?

At first glance, you might think that crowdsourcing the response would win out. The reality though? Some problems are best solved via a dedication conversation.

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B2B Marketing Tips – Creating A Balanced Success Story

Generally, people praise themselves for any accomplishments they make. But brag too and some find it annoying. It’s a balance that is often attempted in marketing. There’s always the fear of being overly promotional.

Still, sometimes you’d need to dial back the modesty and step into the spotlight. The problem is when it doesn’t bring closer to the balance. It’s not something you just learn from a book or watch from a video all at once. But failure is never be a reason to stop trying right? Here are some ways to define the process.

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Content Marketing: A Modern Day Bard

All fantasy role-play geeks recognize the bard. And unlike most people, they’re not fooled by that weak looking, poet singing, mandolin carrying traveler. Bards have been known for their wide array of knowledge to survive during medieval times with not only instruments and weapons, but knowledge as well. The historical bard had played a role in sharing not just British, Irish, or Scottish but all of European culture.

How did they do it? Mostly in the same way today’s B2B marketers these days gather and share information all over.

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Does Lead Generation Make One A Target?

Today, there’s a lot being asked from B2B marketers in order succeed in their lead generation campaigns. They’re called to do social. Their content needs to be prime quality. Even classical methods like telemarketing and email are called to implement the elements that give more power to the prospect than to the business.

But on the other hand, are the same aspects of social and content-driven marketing also making you and every other marketer a target?

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Spread This Season’s B2B Marketing Campaign from Email and Beyond

Whether it’s just holiday pictures or office parties, there’s a lot more you can put in your business stocking this Christmas. As the end of the fiscal year draws near, the yearly finish line is now in sight for marketers. However, don’t give in to the tendency to just rush towards it without spotting the unseen opportunities found only during this time of year. Here are just some of the possibilities: reconnecting with past business partners, paving the way for the next year, creating new marketing pitches, or just simply summarizing all the success you have had so far.

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Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Stuff On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is just a tool. Whether it turns out to be effective or not ultimately depends on how well you use it. Just because you’ve heard or read so many success stories from other LinkedIn users doesn’t mean they just transferred their magical marketing powers to you. Fortunately, this can help you figure what and what not to do when using a professional networking site for your campaign.

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